1986 Back to the Center Album - Paul Brady 
1986 Captive Soundtrack Album - The Edge 
          Heroine Single - The Edge and Sinead O'Connor 
          So Far...The Best of Sinead O'Connor Album - Sinead O'Connor (1997) 
          Collaborations Album - Sinead O'Connor (2005)
1986 Lets Make it Work Single - Christy Moore 
          Live for Ireland Album - Various 
1989 Acadie Album - Daniel Lanois
          Still Water Promo Single - Daniel Lanois 
          The Maker Single - Daniel Lanois 
          Jolie Louise Single - Daniel Lanois 
1990 Put Em Under Pressure Single - Irish World Cup Squad 
          When Irish Eyes are Smiling 2002 Album - Various (2002) 
1993 99X Live II One Life Compilation Album - Various (1995) 
          Just Passin' Thru Compilation Album - Various (1996) 
          Childline Compilation Album - Various (1996) 
          Amazing Grace Compilation Album - Various (1997) 
1994 Flyer Album - Nanci Griffith
          Flyer Album Promo - Nanci Griffith (1994) 
          This Heart Promo - Nanci Griffith (1994) 
          Three from Flyer Promo - Nanci Griffith (1994) 
          These Days in an Open Book Promo - Nanci Griffith (1995) 
          On Grafton Street Promo - Nanci Griffith (1995) 
          Merry Little Christmas Promo - Various (1994) 
1996 Mission: Impossible Soundtrack - Various
          Mission: Impossible Single - Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton
          Mission: Impossible Promo - Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton
1997 Wrecking Ball Album - Emmylou Harris
1997 A Tribute to Jimmie Rodgers Album - Various 
          A Tribute to Jimmie Rodgers Promotional Album - Various 
2000 Million Dollar Hotel Soundtrack - Various
          Million Dollar Hotel Soundtrack Promo Albums - Various
2004 Nancy Sinatra Album - Nancy Sinatra
2007 Oblivion with Bells Album - Underworld (Larry performs on one song)
          Boy, Boy, Boy (Japan Single) - Underworld
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