Release Date 1989
 Artist Daniel Lanois
 Record Label WEA International
 Albums With U2 Acadie (1989)
 Promotional Releases None
Larry Mullen performs on drums, and Adam Clayton provides bass on the album version of "Still Water"
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
Still Water: Produced by Daniel Lanois.  Recorded by Malcolm Burn and Mark Howard.  Musical help and suggestion Malcolm Burn.  Guitar: Daniel Lanois, Malcolm Burn. Backing vocals: Brian Eno. Drums: Larry Mullen. Bass: Adam Clayton. Mixed by Malcolm Burn and Daniel Lanois with Mark Howard. Recorded in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Additional recording:  Brian Eno's Wilderness Studio, England, STS Studio, Ireland with Paul Barrett, Grant Avenue Studio, Canada. (Taken from the album, the credits on the back of this CD promo are for the live version.)
In 1989 Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton worked with Daniel Lanois on two songs for his album Acadie. They recorded their sections in Dublin with Paul Barrett and were mixed into the recordings done by Lanois in Canada. 

The French version of the single for "The Maker" featured Still Water as a b-side.  Although the single was released worldwide, it was only in France that Still Water was included.

  • Daniel Lanois has worked as a producer and has provided some instrumentation on many U2 albums including The Unforgettable Fire, The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, and All That You Can't Leave Behind.
  • Daniel Lanois performed with U2 and with Bono solo on several tracks on the Million Dollar Hotel Soundtrack. There was also several promo versions of the soundtrack.
  • Lanois produced Robbie Robertson's Robbie Robertson album which features two tracks recorded with U2.
  • Lanois produced and performed on Emmylou Harris' Wrecking Ball album which features Larry Mullen on several tracks.
  • Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton performed on two tracks on Daniel Lanois' Acadie album. One of these tracks, "Still Water" was released as a promo single, and it also appeared as a b-side to The Maker single. The other song, "Jolie Louise" was released as a single.
  • Lanois' album Shine features a different recording of the song "Falling at Your Feet" with Bono. There was a promo release of the album, and "Falling at Your Feet" was released as a single and as a promotional single.
 5" CD:
 France Pressing, W9844CD / 7599-21536-2
Label: WEA International
Package: Slimline Jewel
Catalog Information:
France, WEA, W9844CD / 7599-21536-2
Track Listing:
The Maker / Still Water (Album Version) / Little Sadie / Fais Do Do
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