Release Date September 20, 1989
 Artist Daniel Lanois
 Record Label Warner Brothers / Opal Records
 Singles With U2 The Maker (1989)
Jolie Louise (1989)
 Promotional Releases Still Water (1988)
Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen perform on "Jolie Louise" and "Still Water".
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
  • Still Water (4:29)
  • The Maker (4:13)
  • O Marie (3:13)
  • Jolie Louise (2:41)
  • Fisherman's Daughter (2:47)
  • White Mustang II (2:54)
  • Under a Stormy Sky (2:20)
  • Where the Hawkwind Kills (3:51)
  • Silium's Hill (3:00)
  • Ice (4:26)
  • St. Ann's Gold (3:31)
  • Amazing Grace (3:47)
Still Water:  This song was written in New Orleans.  Initial recording was done with myself and Malcolm Burn playing guitars.  Tony Hall overdubbed a sketch bass and I did sketch drums.  In England, Brian eno recorded the haunting background vocals.  Larry Mullen Jr. and Adam Clayton recorded their parts soon after that in Dublin.  It was later finished and mixed in New Orleans.  The final version is made up of four mixes done on four different dates and then edited together.
Jolie Louise:  This song came together quickly.  The idea had been in my head for a while but the construction of it happened in two days.  The initial recording was done with Malcolm on piano, me singing and knee slapping and Mark at the console.  Later in Hamilton, at Grant Ave. Studio, Ed Roth played accordian.  Adam and Larry did their parts in Dublin with Paul Barrett recording.  We mixed it in New Orleans.

Produced by Daniel Lanois.  Recorded by Malcolm Burn and Mark Howard.  Musical help and suggestion Malcolm Burn.  Mixed by Malcolm Burn and Daniel Lanois with Mark Howard.  Recorded in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Additional recording:  Brian Eno's Wilderness Studio, England, STS Studio, Ireland with Paul Barrett, Grant Avenue Studio, Canada.  All songs written by Daniel Lanois, Upala/Hamstein (BMI).

In 1989 Daniel Lanois released his first solo album. At this point he had been involved in producing both The Unforgettable Fire and The Joshua Tree.  When he needed some additional musicians on a couple of tracks he contacted Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton. They recorded their portions of their songs in Dublin with Paul Barrett manning the recording boards.  In the liner notes, Bono, Paul McGuinness and Anne Louise Kelly are thanked as well as Principle Management.
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