Release Date 1986
 Artist Christy Moore
 Record Label WEA Records
 Albums With U2 None
 Promotional Releases None
Larry Mullen performs on drums on the title track "Make it Work"
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
  • Make it Work (3:10) - Christy Moore and the Self Aid Band
  • The Self Aid Song - Christy Moore
Make it Work: Christy Moore, Paul Doran and the Self Aid Band. (Arty McGlynn, Christy Moore, Donal Lunny, John Walsh, Larry Mullen, Liam O'Flynn, Paul Brady, Paul Doran)
This is a very scarce 7" vinyl single released only in Ireland.  The single was recorded to benefit initiatives to get the Irish back to work in the mid 80s.  The song was written by Christy Moore and recorded with several traditional Irish musicians, as well as Larry Mullen provinding drums on the title track.  The b-side to the single was an acoustic track recorded by Moore himself without the other members of the "Self Aid Band".

The single was released in time to help promote the Self Aid Benefit of May 17, 1986. That live festival brought several Irish acts to the stage to promote the cause. U2 performed at the benefit, and a recording of U2 performing "Maggie's Farm" would appear on the album, Live for Ireland, documenting that day.  Larry also performed on "Make it Work" that day in concert and that recording also made the album documenting that festival.

  • Larry Mullen performed live with Larry Mullen on the track "Make it Work" on the live album Live for Dublin
  • A studio version of Make it Work was recorded by Christy Moore, Paul Doran and Larry Mullen and was released as a single.
  • Christy Moore co-wrote the song "North and South of the River" with Bono and the Edge. It was released as a single by Christy Moore with Bono and the Edge on backing vocals, and also appears on the Celtic Heartbeat Collection Vol. 2.
  • "North and South of the River" was also recorded by U2 and it was released as a b-side to the single Staring at the Sun. U2's version would also be included on the Best of & BSides 1990 - 2000 compilation.
  • The Edge appears on Christy Moore's Traveller album playing guitar on the track "What's the Story Git?"
 7" VINYL:
 Ireland Pressing, WEA AID1
Label: WEA Records
Package: Picture Sleeve
Catalog Information:
Ireland, WEA, WEA AID1
Track Listing:
Make it Work / The Self Aid Song
Further Information:
Released only in limited quantities in Ireland.
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