Release Date September 26, 1995
 Artist Various
 Record Label Elektra / Asylum Records
 Singles With U2 None
 Promotional Releases None
Larry Mullen provides percussion on the following tracks: "Goodbye", "All My Tears", "Wrecking Ball", "Deeper Well", "Every Grain of Sand", "Sweet Old World", "May this be Love", "Orphan Girl", and "Waltz Against Texas Tonight"
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
  • Where Will I Be (4:15)
  • Goodbye (4:52)
  • All My Tears (Washed Away) (3:41)
  • Wrecking Ball (4:49)
  • Goin' Back to Harlan (4:52)
  • Deeper Well (4:17)
  • Every Grain of Sand (3:55)
  • Sweet Old World (5:05)
  • May This be Love (4:44)
  • Orphan Girl (3:14)
  • Blackhawk (4:28)
  • Waltz Against Texas Tonight (4:46)
Goodbye: Daniel Lanois: Mandolin, electric guitar, acoustic guitar. Malcom Burn: Piano. Larry Mullen, Jr.: Hand drum, drum kit. Tony Hall: Shaker, bass. Steve Earle: Finger picking, acoustic guitar.
All My Tears: Emmylous Harris: Acoustic guitar. Daniel Lanois: Bass, electric guitar, mandolin, chant vocal. Malcolm Burn: Piano. Larry Mullen Jr.: Drums. Daryl Johnson: Keyboard bass, harmony vocal, chant vocal.
Wrecking Ball: Daniel Lanois: Electric guitar, percussion. Malcolm Burn: Piano, tambourine, vibes. Larry Mullen Jr.: Drums, cymbal. Sam O'Sullivan: Roto wheel. Tony Hall: Bass. Neil Young: Harmony vocal.
Deeper Well: Daniel Lanois: Electric guitar. Malcolm Burn: Keyboards. Larry Mullen Jr: Drums. Tony Hall: Bass. Daryl Johnson: Harmonic bass.
Every Grain of Sand: Daniel Lanois: Acoustic guitar.  Malcolm Burn: Organ. Larry Mullen Jr.: Drums. Tony Hall: Bass. Emmylou Harris: Acoustic guitar. Steve Earle: Acoustic guitar.
Sweet Old World: Daniel Lanois: Guitar, mandolin, bass pedals.  Malcolm Burn: Slide guitar, piano. Larry Mullen Jr: Drums. Lucinda Williams: Acoustic guitar. Steve Earle: Acoustic guitar. Richard Bennett: Tremolo guitar. Neil Young: Harmony vocal, harmonica.
May This Be Love: Daniel Lanois: Electric guitar, duet vocal. Larry Mullen Jr.: Drums.
Orphan Girl: Daniel Lanois: Mandolin, dulcimer. Emmylou Harris: Acoustic guitar, harmony vocal. Malcolm Burn: Tambourine. Larry Mullen Jr.: Hand drum. Tony Hall: Stick drum. Daryl Johnson: Harmony vocal.
Waltz Across Texas Tonight: Daniel Lanois: Mandolin, electric guitar. Malcolm Burn: Piano, slide guitar. Emmylou Harris: Acoustic guitar. Larry Mullen Jr: Drums.  Tony Hall: Bass. Kate McGarrigle: Harmony vocal. Anna McGarrigle: Harmony vocal.
Larry went on a solo jaunt in 1994, and moved to the USA.  He took that time to work on several projects, including this album by Emmylou Harris.  This album was produced by longtime U2 producer Daniel Lanois, and it was Daniel's involvement which brought Larry Mullen to the project.  Also of note, is that Sam O'Sullivan, Larry's studio tech is also credited on the song "Wrecking Ball".

This album was an experimental one for Harris, one that many of her fans didn't like it as it wasn't as "country" as some of her other works. If you are a fan of Lanois, this is an album to get as his influence over the album is definitely felt throughout as the main musical collaborator and producer. It is one of my favorite albums, great for those quiet moments at night, and I'm thankful Larry Mullen's participation led me to this one.

  • Daniel Lanois has worked as a producer and has provided some instrumentation on many U2 albums including The Unforgettable Fire, The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, and All That You Can't Leave Behind.
  • Daniel Lanois performed with U2 and with Bono solo on several tracks on the Million Dollar Hotel Soundtrack. There was also several promo versions of the soundtrack.
  • Lanois produced Robbie Robertson's Robbie Robertson album which features two tracks recorded with U2.
  • Lanois produced and performed on Emmylou Harris' Wrecking Ball album which features Larry Mullen on several tracks.
  • Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton performed on two tracks on Daniel Lanois' Acadie album. One of these tracks, "Still Water" was released as a promo single, and it also appeared as a b-side to The Maker single. The other song, "Jolie Louise" was released as a single.
  • Lanois' album Shine features a different recording of the song "Falling at Your Feet" with Bono. There was a promo release of the album, and "Falling at Your Feet" was released as a single and as a promotional single.
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 Canada Pressing, CD 61854
Label: Elektra Records
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Canada, Elektra, CD 61854 USA, Elektra, CD 61854
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