Commercial Release March 3 / 4, 1997
 Record Label Island Records
 Top Chart Position US: 1, Canada: 1, UK: 1
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
Alternate Tracks:
  • Holy Joe (Guilty Mix) (5:08)
  • Wake Up Dead Man (Censored) (4:52) [Maylasia]
Staring at the Sun
Last Night on Earth
Popheart EP / Please
If God Will Send His Angels
Pop Japan Box Set
Pop Cube Promo
Talk Pop Interview
Discotheque Promo Single
Staring at the Sun Promo Single
Last Night on Earth Promo Single
Popmart Sampler
Pop Muzik
WFM 96.9 Promo Single
Please Promo Single
If God Will Send His Angels Promo
MOFO Promo Single
Bono: Vocals & Guitar. The Edge: Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals.  Adam Clayton: Bass Guitar.  Larry Mullen: Drums, Percussion & Programming.  Paul McGuinness: Manager.

Studio Crew: Sam O'Sullivan: Drum technician and crew co-ordinator. Fraser McAlister: Guitar technician. Des Broadbery: Programming keyboard and guitar technician. Stuart Morgan: Bass guitar technician. Colm "Rab" McAlister: Studio tech. Joe O'Herlihy: Monitoring. David Herbert: Studio Manager. Gavin Friday: Consulting Poptician.  Anne Louise Kelly: Album Production Manager. Candida Bottaci: Album Production Assistant. Suzanne Doyle: Studio Band Management Associate.

Recorded in Hanover - Dublin, Windmill Lane Recording Studios - Dublin, South Beach Studios - Miami, The Works - Dublin.

Catering by Restaurant Tosca: Norman Hewson. Aongus Hanley, Jeff "The Chef" O'Toole< Elenor Walsh, Dominic Lombard. The Clarence Hotel: Michael Martin.  Principle Management Dublin: Anne-Louise Kelly, Sheila Roche, Barbara Galavan, Trevor Bowen, Suzanne Doyle, Candida Bottaci, Susie Smith, Cecilia Coffey, Cillian Guidera, Susan Hunter, Sandra Long, Sally-Anne McKeown, Aislinn Meehan, Brigid Mooney, Suzanne O'Dea, Anne O'Leary, Eileen Osborne, Holly Peters, Joy Warner, Gerry Walters, George Augusta. Principle Management NY: Keryn Kaplan, Bess Burke, Kathy Araskog.

Produced by Flood. Additional production by Howie B, Steve Osborne.  Recorded by Mark "Spike" Stent, Howie B, Alan Moulder.  Mixed by Mark "Spike" Stent, Howie B, Steve Osborne. Engineering Assistant: Rob Kirwan.

Post production and supervision: Cheryl Engles / Partial Productions Inc.

Designed at ABA Dublin by Shaughn McGrath and Steve Averill.  Treatments by Shaughn McGrath. Cover Photography: Anton Corbijn. Interior photography by: Anton Corbijn, Stephane Sednaoui and Anja Grabert. Snapshots: Nellee Hooper. "Popmart Art" by Willie Williams and Mark Fisher.

Dedicated to Bill Graham 1951-1996.

After Zooropa there passed a very long time without a 'U2' album.  It was almost four years between U2 albums, but that break was filled with the Passengers project.  The album was critically panned, and regarded by many as not one of their finest efforts.  The electronica sounds were perhaps a little too ahead of their time.

Even the band itself was unhappy with the final result.  This stemmed from the fact that the Popmart tour was planned before the album was completed.  Due to the scheduling of these dates, when the spring of 1997 arrived, the band had no choice but to release an album they felt wasn't quite finished.  Last minute recording, remixing etc. also cut into rehersal time for the new tour, and resulted in many shakey performances at the start of the tour.

The album, however, has some of U2's finest song and lyric writing, which could be better appreciated as the continual touring on these songs strengthened their performances.  Single versions of many of the songs would be rerecorded as the tour progressed for release.  The overall audience and critical reaction probably was a major factor in returning to a radio friendly sound on All That You Can't Leave Behind, an album that Larry once mentioned should have been the one called Pop.

In Canada, the release of the album came early.  On February 28, 1997 a chain of record stores in Western Canada, A&B Sound, put the album out for sale five days early.  This lead to other chains also putting the album on sale early.  Polygram / Universal took action against the chain which released the album early witholding new releases for a time.  It was a pleasant surprise to find the album in my hands a few days early.

 12" VINYL:
 UK Pressing, U212 / 524 653-1
Label: Island Records
Package: Picture Sleeve
Catalog Information:
Japan, Island, PHJR 91835 [UK Pressing] USA, Island, 314-524 334-1 [Brown]
UK, Island, U210 / 524 334-1
Track Listing:
As listed above, does not contain any alternate tracks.
Further Information:
The 12" vinyl was released in both the USA and the UK.  The USA version is printed on brown vinyl.  There was a Japan release with an OBI strip with a unique catalog number printed on it.  This was in fact the UK pressing of the vinyl with an OBI strip added under the stretch wrap. 
Other Images:
 UK Pressing, UC212 / 548 285-4
Label: Island Records
Package: Hardshell Case
Catalog Information:
Australia, Island, 524 334-4 UK, Island, UC210 / 524 334-4
Canada, Island, 314-524 334-4 USA, Island, 314-524 334-4
Track Listing:
As listed above, does not contain any alternate tracks.
Further Information:
Other Images:
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 5" CD:
 Canada Pressing, 314 524 334-2
Label: Island Records
UPC: 7 31452 43342 8
Package: Regular Jewel
Matrix: #961223A 3145243342 4UALKXXXX
 US Pressing, 314-524 334-2
Label: Island Records
UPC: 7 314-524334-2 8
Package: Regular Jewel
Catalog Information:
Argentina, Island, 524 334-2 South Africa, Island, SSTARCD6286
Canada, Island, 314-524 334-2 Taiwan, Island, 524334-2
Germany, Island, CIDU210 / 524 334-2 UK, Island, CIDU210 / 524 334-2
Israel, Island / ABCD, CIDU210 USA, Island, 314-524 334-2
Mexico, Island, 524 334-2
Track Listing:
As listed above. These releases do not contain any alternate tracks.
Further Information:
Other Images:
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 5" CD: (Alternate Tracks)
 Japan Pressing, PHCR 1835
Label: Island Records
Package: Regular Jewel
Catalog Information:
Japan, Island / Phonogram, PHCR 1835 Japan, Island, UICY2436
Track Listing:
As listed above.  Contains "Holy Joe" as an extra bonus track at the end of the CD.
Further Information:
"Holy Joe" has been added as a last track on the CD to make the domestic Japan release more attractive to buyers.
Other Images:
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