Commercial Release November 23, 2004
 Artist U2
 Download Service Apple iTunes
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The Digital Box Set includes tracks from all of the albums from Boy to How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb including the two fan club only releases, all of the singles from Three to Vertigo, as well as four sets of previously unreleased tracks, Unreleased & Rare, Live in Boston 1981, U2 Love: Live from the Point Depot, and an EP of Early Demos.  For a complete tracklisting and discussion of what tracks may have been missed for this set please see our news story on the release of this set.
No traditional liner notes included in with this set but an electronic 48 page PDF file detailing the tracks included, artwork from the releases contained within, liner notes on each previously released album by Bill Flanagan, and liner notes written by The Edge for the new contributions.
In 2004 Apple's iTunes store released a "Digital Box Set" of U2 Recordings entitled The Complete U2.  The set included 446 downloadable tracks which are grouped into albums and singles.  Due to the duplication of tracks between albums and singles, only 398 of these tracks are unique in this set, the other 48 tracks are duplicate tracks.

Included in the set is a representation of all albums and singles released between 1979 and 2004.  Not all of the tracks have made it to this set however, as many of the cover songs which have been recorded through the years did not make the final set.  Also not appearing are many U2 recordings which were released as part of various compilations over the years.

Included in the set are some tracks which have never before been released by U2.  These are grouped into four sets, and each are given their own cover images in the accompanying liner notes.  These four subsections are each given their own discography entry, and are as follows: Unreleased & Rare, Live from Boston 1981, U2 Love: Live from the Point Depot, and Early Demos. The release of these tracks show a new willingness by U2 to delve into their past, and recent interviews with the band have pointed towards the release of more of these digital compilations in the future, specifically discussion about the release of live shows in this format in the future.

Artwork for this set was done by Four5One Creative group in Dublin, who have provided artwork for U2's albums throughout their 25 year career.

Service: Apple iTunes Music Store
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Package: Digital Download
Format: Apple AAC File (.m4p)
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446 U2 tracks released as one set in a compressed format through Apple's iTunes service.
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The above image is the image used in promotion of this box set and was physically released with the release of U2's iPod.
Love: Live from Point Depot (2004) The Complete U2 (Digital Box Set) (2004)
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