Commercial Release December 2006
 Artist Mary J. Blige
 Record Label Geffen Records
 Single Featuring U2 One (2005)
 Promo Releases None
Tracks Featuring U2 One (Album Version) (4:21)
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
  • No One Will Do (4:48)
  • Enough Cryin (featuring Brook) (4:20)
  • About You (featuring Will I Am) (4:05)
  • Be Without You (4:05)
  • Gonna Breakthrough (Featuring Brook) (4:00)
  • Good Woman Down (4:07)
  • Take Me As I Am (3:57)
  • Baggage (3:35)
  • Can't Hide from Luv (featuring Jay-Z) (3:52)
  • MJB Da MVP (4:11)
  • Can't Get Enough (3:40)
  • Ain't Really Love (4:40)
  • I Found My Everything (featuring Raphael Saadiq) (5:23)
  • Father in You (5:23)
  • Alone (featuring Dave Young) (4:29)
  • One (Mary J Blige and U2) (4:21)
  • Show Love (Hidden) (3:40)
One: Words:  Bono.  Music:  U2.  Produced by Ron Fair.  Pro Tools / Co produced by Tal Herzberg.  Vocals and Guitar:  Bono.  Guitar:  The Edge.  Bass guitar: Adam Clayton.  Drums and percussion:  Larry Mullen Jr.  Original recording by Carl Glanville.  Strings arranged and conducted by Ron Fair.  Strings recorded by Allen Sickles.  String Players:  Endre Genet, Natalie Leggett, Tereza Stanislav, Jackie Brand, Charlie Bisharat, Joel Derouin, Mario De Leon, Julie Gigante, Josefina Cergara, Tammy Hattwan, Clayton Hansop, Sid Page, Roberto Cain, Phillip Levy, Songa Lee, Alan Grumfeld, Lily Ho Chen, Alyssa Park, Brian Dembrow, Sam Formicola, Matt Funes, Darrin McCann, Marlow Fisher, Andrew Duckles, Steve Erbody, Larry Corbett, David Low, Suzie Katayama, Armen Ksajikian, Paula Hochhalter.  Piano and organ:  Ron Fair.  Additional electric and acoustic guitar:  John Goux.  Additional recording engineered by Mike Eleopolous.  Mixed by Jack Joseph Puig.  Mix assisted by by Dean Nelson.
On September 10, 2005 U2 contributed to the Hurricane Katrina benefit, "Shelter from the Storm:  A Concert for the Gulf Coast".  Their contribution was done live from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto Canada where they were rehersing for the third leg of the Vertigo Tour.  As a special bonus, Mary J. Blige appeared with them to sing the song.

That performance was released as a concert DVD and features the original version of this song.  For her album The Breakthrough, Mary J. Blige took this base performance, and additional strings and vocals, as well as additional music was added.  It was released as a single worldwide featuring the Radio Edit of this new mix.

The CD itself features a hidden track that follows approximately 20 seconds after One ends, the two tracks are combined together as one track that is 8:18 in length with 20 seconds of silence between the two.

  • A radio edit of this version of One appears on the One single.
  • The original version of this recording with just U2 and Mary J. Blige is featured on the DVD Shelter from the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast.
 5" CD:
 Canada Pressing, B000572202
Label: Geffen Records
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Canada, Geffen, B000572202
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