Version I
 Release Date:  May 4, 2009 UK; May 19, 2009 USA / Canada
 Record Label:  Mercury / Interscope Records
 Top Chart Placement:  UK: NA US: NA Can: NA
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics):
Magnificent (With 2 Remixes - UK Release):
  • Magnificent (UK Edit) (4:21)
  • Magnificent (Fred Falke Full Club Mix) (7:20)
  • Get On Your Boots (Justice Remix) (3:26)
Magnificent (With 3 Remixes - UK iTunes Release):
  • Magnificent (UK Edit) (4:21)
  • Magnificent (Wonderland Remix) (9:54)
  • Magnificent (Redanka's 360 Version) (7:23)
  • Magnificent (Adam K and Soha Club Mix) (6:14)
Magnificent (With Live Tracks & Remix - UK iTunes Release):
  • Magnificent (Edit) (4:20)
  • Breathe (Live from Somerville Theatre, Boston) (4:45)
  • Vertigo (Live from Somerville Theatre, Boston) (3:47)
  • Get On your Boots (Justice Remix) (3:26)
Magnificent Remixes (USA / Canada Release through iTunes):
  • Magnificent (Dave Audé Club Remix) (7:33)
  • Magnificent (Fred Falke Full Club Mix) (7:20)
  • Magnificent (Adam K and Soha Club Mix) (6:14)
  • Magnificent (Wonderland Remix) (9:54)
  • Magnificent (Redanka's 360 Version) (7:23)
Magnificent Remixes (USA Release through masterbeat.com):
  • Magnificent (Dave Audé Club Remix) (7:33)
  • Magnificent (Dave Audé Club Dub Remix) (7:46)
  • Magnificent (Dave Audé Instrumental) (7:29)
  • Magnificent (Fred Falke Full Club Mix) (7:19)
  • Magnificent (Fred Falke Instrumental) (7:19)
  • Magnificent (Fred Falke Radio Mix) (3:58)
  • Magnificent (Adam K and Soha Club Mix) (6:14)
  • Magnificent (Adam K and Soha Dub Mix) (6:14)
  • Magnificent (Adam K and Soha Radio Mix) (4:11)
  • Magnificent (Wonderland Remix) (9:54)
  • Magnificent (Wonderland Dub) (6:51)
  • Magnificent (Redanka's 360 Version) (7:23)
  • Magnificent (Redanka's 180 Version) (8:18)
Magnificent Commercial Single
None included.
On May 4, 2009, U2 released the second single, Magnificent, from the No Line on the Horizon album.  In a suprising move, the only format released in the UK was a 7" vinyl single, and no CD singles.  Instead, three EPs of digital music were made available in the UK iTunes store that day labelled, "Magnificent (With 2 Remixes)", "Magnificent (With 3 Remixes)" and "Magnificent (With Live Tracks & Remix)".  These each contained different tracks.

A few weeks later, the remixes of Magnificent would appear in the USA and Canadian iTunes stores, with the same 'cover art' as the UK Remixes.  This digital single would contain the four Magnificent remixes found on the UK release, as well as the Dave Aude' mix of the track which was not released in the UK.

A physical single is listed for June in the USA, which contained ten of the remixes listed above, also at that time another 'digital only' release appeared for the US market, this time with thirteen tracks in mp3 format on the site masterbeat.com including two previously unreleased instrumental versions and yet another radio edit which had not been seen before.

There has been one other 'mix' of Magnificent which has been found on the internet through Dave Audé's sight, the Dave Audé Radio Edit at a time of 4:33.  Thus far it hasn't been included on any releases commercial or promotional issued by U2.

See the single entry for Magnificent for more information.

Label: Universal / Island Records
Service: iTunes Music Store
UPC: None
Package: Digital Picture Sleeve
Format: Apple AAC File (.mp4) 256kbs
As listed above.
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Released without DRM at 256kbs.
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