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 Release Date September 8, 1992
 Artist Ron Wood
 Record Label Continuum Records
 Singles With U2 Show Me (1992)
Somebody Else Might (1993)
Stay With Me (Live) (1993)
 Promotional Releases Available
The Edge contributes guitar to the songs "Show Me", "Somebody Else Might", "Ain't Rock & Roll" and "Somebody Else Might (Remix)".
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
  • Somebody Else Might (4:54)
  • Testify (5:00)
  • Ain't Rock & Roll (3:46)
  • Josephine (5:29)
  • Knock Yer Teeth Out (4:01)
  • Ragtime Annie (2:34)
  • Must Be Love (4:11)
  • Fear for Your Future (4:02)
  • Show Me (3:32)
  • Always Wanted More (5:34)
  • Thinkin' (5:50)
  • Like It (4:21)
  • Breathe On Me (5:29)
Alternative Tracks:
  • Josephine (In Your Face Mix) (4:27)
  • Somebody Else Might (Remix) (5:59)
Somebody Else Might: Ron Wood: Guitar, vocals, steel guitar, bass.  Bernard Fowler: Vocals, keyboards, programming. The Edge: Guitar. Chuck Leavell: Organ.
Show Me: Ron Wood: Vocals, guitars.  Bernard Fowler: Vocals, keyboards. Charlie Watts: Drums.  Doug Wimbish: Bass.  Joe Elliott: Additional Vocals.  The Edge: Additional Guitars.  Produced and arranged by Bernard Fowler and Ron Wood.  Engineered and Co-Produced by Eoghan McCarron.
Ain't Rock & Roll: Ron Wood: Guitar, vocals. Charlie Watts: Drums. Bernard Fowler: Vocals. Doug Wimbash: Bass. The Edge: Guitar. Feilim Gormley: Saxophone.
On a break from the Stones in 1992, Ron Wood recorded this solo album, which was partially recorded in Dublin.  While in Dublin, Wood brought in some guest musicians, including Hothouse Flowers, and the Edge.  The liner notes of the recording are short on details, listing Edge as performing "Additional Guitar" but not listing what tracks he performs on.  In the booklet itself there is a listing of songs with scribbles around the songs which list "Ronnie / Edge" next to Somebody Else Might and lists "Edge in Bite" next to Aint Rock & Roll.  The third song Edge was involved in was "Show Me" and he is listed in the credits of the single release.
  • Ron Wood's 1992 solo album, Slide on This, featured the Edge on three tracks, "Somebody Else Might", "Ain't Rock & Roll" and "Somebody Else Might".
  • Ron Wood released a single Show Me on which the Edge plays guitar on the title track.
  • Ron Wood released a single Somebody Else Might on which the Edge plays guitar on the title track and the B Side, "Ain't Rock & Roll".
  • Ron Wood released a single Stay With Me (Live) on which the Edge plays guitar on the B Side, "Somebody Else Might (Remix)".
  • Ron Wood performed on the solo version of "Silver and Gold" that Bono recorded for the Sun City album. There was also a promotional release of Silver and Gold.
 5" CD:
 USA Pressing, 19210-2
Label: Continuum Records
UPC: 0 9575-19210-2 5
Package: Digipack
Matrix: 19210-2 (V) ::: MASTERED BY NIMBUS
Catalog Information:
USA, Continuum, 19210-2
Track Listing:
As listed above.  No alternative tracks.
Further Information:
Released in a digipack with separate internal booklet.
Other Images:

 Japan Pressing, SRCS-6617
Label: Sony Records
Package: Digipack
Catalog Information:
Japan, Sony, SRCS-6617
Track Listing:
As listed above.  Contains an extra track, Josephine (In Your Face Mix).
Further Information:
Released in a digipack with an OBI strip.
Other Images:

 Austria Pressing, 332 80-2
Label: Koch Records
UPC: 0 99923 32802 5
Package: Digipack
Catalog Information:
Austria, Koch, 332 80-2
Track Listing:
As listed above. Contains an extra track, Somebody Else Might (Remix)
Further Information:
Released with a 56 page booklet of Ronnie Wood's artwork called "In Print"
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Art Booklet Cover
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