Release Date 1999
 Artist Little Steven
 Record Label Renegade Records
 Singles With U2 None
 Promotional Releases See catalog information below.
Adam Clayton plays bass on all tracks.
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
  • Born Again Savage (4:38)
  • Camouflage of Righteousness (5:01)
  • Guns, Drugs, and Gasoline (4:59)
  • Face of God (7:38)
  • Saint Francis (8:18)
  • Salvation (5:09)
  • Organize (2:13)
  • Flesheater (6:08)
  • Lust for Enlightenment (8:38)
  • Tongues of Angels (8:19)
Written, arranged and produced by Little Steven. Little Steven: Vocals and guitars. Adam Clayton: Bass. Jason Bonham: Drums. Background vocals: Steve Jordan, Jean Beauvoir with Bill Newberry and Frank Newberry. Recorded by Ben Fowler and Zoe Thrall. Assited by Scott Austin. Mixed by Kevin Shirley. Most ably assisted by Andrea Yankovsky. Recorded and mixed at Avatar Studios, NYC.  Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound.

From the special thanks section: "Thank you Adam Clayton. Your bass is the anchor of this record and your friendship and encouragment got this whole thing started."

Born Again Savage, the album was written in 1989 - 1990.  It remained unrecorded for years, until under the encouragement of Adam Clayton it was recorded in 1994. It was then rejected by the record company which Little Steven was signed with and not released.  The album again was put on the back burner until 1999 when Little Steven started his own record label, Renegade Nation, which released Born Again Savage and one other album by another act.  Sales of Born Again Savage were done through Little Steven's website, and it was not commercially available in stores.  Little Steven talks about the disappointing sales of this release, it did far less business than expected.  Adam Clayton performs bass on all of the tracks.
  • Little Steven was the organizing force behind the Artists Against Apartheid project which featured Bono contributing vocals and a solo song, Silver and Gold. The project spawned an album - Sun City, a single - Sun City, and Silver and Gold was released as a promotional single.
  • Little Steven released a promotional edit version of the song "Camouflage of Righteousness" which was released through mp3.com.  The edit version of the song was 4:36 where the album version is 5:01
 5" CD:
 USA Pressing, LS00199CD
Label: Renegade Nation Records
UPC: None
Package: Regular Jewel Case
Matrix: MFG BY DISCMAKERS L3803 3900 LS00199CD J90813-09 A
 USA Pressing, PAC-CD-6
Label: Pacyderm Records
UPC: 6 65047 00062 0
Package: Regular Jewel Case
Matrix: MFG BY DISCMAKERS L3803 3900 LS00199CD J90813-09 A
Catalog Information:
USA, Renegade Nation, LS00199CD
Track Listing:
As listed above.
Further Information:
The release on Renegade Nation records is the only release.  However a small number of these CDs were sent to Pacyderm Records, for them to release them as promo items.  They took the original, placed a sticker on the jewel case and gave it a different catalog number and a UPC code.
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