Release Date March 2004
 Artist Various
 Record Label Warner Records
 Singles With U2 None
 Commercial Releases 46664 Part III: Amandla Album (2004)
Bono and the Edge perform "One / Unchained Melody" on this disc and Bono performs the song "Amandla" with Queen, Anastacia, David A Stewart and Andrews Bonsu.  Bono and the Edge may also contribute to We are the Champions and the 46664 Chant at the end of the CD by the ensembled cast.
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
  • Here Comes the Rain Again - Eurythmics (5:06)
  • 7 Seconds - Eurythmics, Youssou N'Dour (5:32)
  • Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Eurythmics (4:02)
  • Loose We Now - Abdel Wright (5:45)
  • Don't Throw Your Life Away - Ms. Dynamite (3:48)
  • Hurts So Bad - Danny K (6:19)
  • The Great Song of Indifference - Bob Geldof (4:58)
  • (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding - Bob Geldof (2:57)
  • Indigo Girl - Watershed (4:26)
  • One / Unchained Melody - Bono, The Edge (6:54)
  • Amandla - Queen, Bono, Anastacia, David A Stewart, Andrews Bonsu (7:07)
  • Medley: Bohemian Rhapsody / I Want it All / I Want to Break Free / Radio Ga Ga - Queen, Zucchero, Thandiswa Mazwai (8:24)
  • We Will Rock You - Queen, Anastacia, Amampondo Drummers (2:53)
  • We are the Champions - Queen, Anastacia, and Cast (3:19)
  • 46664 Chant - Soweto Gospel Choir and Cast (3:57)
One / Unchained Melody: Written by Hewson, Clayton, Evans, Mullen / North Zaret.  Performed by Bono and the Edge.
Amandla: Written by Stewart, Anastacia, May, Louw.  Prayer by Andrews Bonsu. Performed by Queen, Bono, Anastacia, David A. Stewart, Andrews Bonsu.
We are the Champions: Written by Mercury.  Performed by Queen, Anastacia and Cast.
46664 Chant: Written by Strummer, Hewson, Stewart.  Performed by Soweto Gospel Choir and Cast.
In late 2002 Bono worked with Joe Strummer of the Clash and David A. Stewart on a song titled after Nelson Mandela's Prision Number '46664'.  This song was to be used to bring attention to the devestation that AIDS and HIV was creating in Africa.  Joe Strummer, however, passed away before the completion of the song and it was left up to Bono and David Stewart to finish the song.

Originally planned for early 2003, a concert was planned in South Africa to launch the 46664 campaign.  The concert was pushed back and rescheduled for November 29th, 2003 to coincide with World AIDS day.  The concert was streamed live on the internet, and was later televised around the world.

The track featured on this album featuring U2 is a song called "American Prayer" which Bono and David Stewart wrote and Bono often performed in 2002 on his "Heart of America" tour when he was bringing information on the AIDS crisis to middle America.  He is joined in performing this song by Beyonce, David Stewart and the Edge.

The entire concert was released on CD, spread over three discs.  These discs were sold separately to hopefully bring in buyers who would only be interested in one disc and wouldn't pay for a three disc set.  Contributions by Bono and the Edge are spread out over all three released discs.  The three discs capturing this live event are Part I: African Prayer, Part II: Long Road to Freedom and Part III: Amandla.  There was also a 2 disc DVD released of the entire concert and various promotional releases.

  • There are two other parts to this CD which are sold separately.  These are Part II: Long Road to Freedom and Part III: Amandla
  • Bono and the Edge have worked with David A Stewart on the soundtrack for Cookie's Fortune.
  • David A Stewart's multimedia web project "Sly-Fy" featured clips of Bono and the Edge, but there was no inclusion of these U2 clips on the accompanying recording.
  • David A Stewart is thanked for early inspiration on the song "Walk On" on the All That You Can't Leave Behind album.
  • David A Stewart performed "Walk On" with U2 for the September 11 tribute, which was released as the album America: A Tribute to Heroes.
  • David A Stewart also recorded "46664" in studio with Bono.  This song to date has only been released on the internet and by phone.  There has not been a commercial release.
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As listed above.
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The UK release was also released as part of a 3 CD promo set, and featured an outer printed sleeve to hold all three.  After the card sleeves ran out, additional pressings were released in a plastic slipcase with a typed insert.  The USA release came in a jewel case with no front insert, and only a text sheet in the back.  The German CDR promo was released in a jewel case with a two sided front insert with the album cover on one side and the track listing on the other.  None had catalog numbers and all were pressed on recordable CDs.
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