Release Date Late 1996
 Artist Various
 Record Label Shock Records
 Singles With U2 None
 Promotional Releases Not Available
Bono co-wrote the song "Love from a Short Distance".
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
  • Kakei - Mr Mariano Abrantes Mau Soco (3:27)
  • Love from a Short Distance - Bono, Soma, Senator Norris and Fernando Pires (4:33)
  • Timor - Yothu Yindi (3:33)
  • Bread and Circuses - Billy Bragg (4:24)
  • Kay Rala Xanana - Laranguto Cultural Group (3:38)
  • Pure Massacre - Silverchair (4:57)
  • Sad Song - Screaming Jets (2:54)
  • Box - The Mavis's (3:42)
  • Empires - Snog (4:13)
  • You're Going Home in the Back of a Divy Van - Painters and Dockers (3:26)
  • Monkey and the Turtle - Christine Anu (3:59)
  • By Myself - Hecate (3:38)
  • Casino Royale - Pray TV (3:17)
  • Suffer Never - Finn (3:56)
  • Timor Will be Free - A Outra Banda (4:22)
  • Set on Freedom - Vika and Linda (4:23)
  • Solta Os Os Prisioneiros - Delfins (4:12)
  • Xavier - Wild Pumpkins at Midnight (4:44)
  • Ndiza Kuhlula - Musiki Manjaro (3:39)
  • Lemorai - Lemorai Group (3:24)
Love from a Short Distance: Written by Bono / D. Thrussell / P. Bourke. ID / Mercury / Island.
From the liner notes: "This CD is an outstanding statement of support for the people of East Timor from the best of contemporary western and indigenous musicians from around the world. Inspiration for the album came from Irish rock star Bono of U2 who penned a poem in commemoration of the Santa Cruz massacre.  In November 1995 Irish Senator David Norries, attempted to sneak into East Timor to deliver the poem.  After several young East Timorese living in Melbourne heard Bono's poem, it was decide to put some contemporary music behind it and release it in an effort to raise the plight of the East Timorese to an international audience.  Once Australia's techno whiz David Thrussel set and recorded Bono's poem, the flood gates opened and many bands rang in offering tracks."

Bono's letter to the people of East Timor is also reprinted in the booklet to the CD along with the poem:

"To the good people of East Timor.  On behalf of myself, Bono and the band U2, on behalf of most scribes and poets, most music, film and object makers, both here in Ireland and around the world, please be sure that we know of your strife and that even if we are not allowed to see, you know that we hear of you, and that when we don't hear from you we think of you...all the more.

There is no silence deep enough
No black out dark enough
No corruption thick enough
No business deal big enough
No politicians bent enough
No heart hollow enough
No grave wide enough
To bury your story
And keep it from us.

Love from a short distance.  Bono, November 12, 1995."

The lyrics to the poem were put into song by Soma, and the recording does not feature Bono on vocals.  Instead the song is performed by Soma in both English and Tetum (a language of the Democratic Republic of East Timor), and also features samples of Senator David Norris reading the poem after his failed physical attempt to deliver the letter to the East Timorese people.

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 Australia Pressing, SHOCKDOC9000
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Australia, Shock, SHOCKDOC9000
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