Release Date September 24, 1993
 Artist Various
 Record Label Imago Records
 Singles With U2 None
 Promotional Releases None
Bono and the Edge co-wrote the song "Conversation on a Barstool".
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
  • Open on Helicopters - Sound Effect (0:50)
  • Conversation on a Barstool - Annie Ross and the Low Note Quintet (5:46)
  • To Hell with Love - Annie Ross and the Low Note Quintet (6:25)
  • Punishing Kiss - Annie Ross and the Low Note Quintet (3:16)
  • Cello Concerto in B Minor - Lori Singer and the Trout Quartet (5:16)
  • Blue - Annie Ross and the Low Note Quintet (4:47)
  • Evil California - Annie Ross and the Low Note Quintet with Iggy Pop (3:48)
  • "Berceuse" from "The Firebird Suite" - Lori Singer (2:50)
  • A Thousand Years - Annie Ross and the Low Note Quintet (4:26)
  • Cello Concerto No. 2 Opus 30 - Lori SInger and the Trout Quartet (5:04)
  • Imitation of a Kiss - Annie Ross and the Low Note Quintet (4:37)
  • Full Moon - Annie Ross and the Low Note Quintet with Michael Stipe (3:59)
  • I Don't Know You - Annie Ross and the Low Note Quintet with Lori Singer (6:08)
  • Nothing Can Stop Me Now - Low Note Quintet (4:33)
  • Earthquake - Sound Effect (0:27)
  • Prisioner of Life & I'm Gonna Go Fishin' - Annie Ross and the Low Note Quintet (6:50)
  • How Does She Do It So Quickly? - Thomas Tree and Cory Coppage (0:50)
Conversation on a Barstool: Written by Bono and the Edge. Produced by Hal Willner. Recorded and mixed by Eric Liljestrand.  Annie Ross: Vocal.  Bruce Fowler: Trombone. Terry Adams: Piano. Gene Estes: Vibes. Greg Cohen: Bass. Bobby Previte: Drums. Rehearsal pianists for Annie Ross: Bill Ginn and Rich Ruttenberg.  Recorded live at the Low Note by Le Mobile Remote Recording Studios, LA.

From the liner notes by Hal Willner: This song was originally written for Marianne Faithfull by Bono and the Edge.  For various reasons, a recording never came of it though Marianne has occasionally sung it live.  We thought it would be a perfect song for Annie to perform as one of the main music performances in "Short Cuts". Being huge Altman fans, U2 and Marianne enthusiastically gave their blessing.  "Conversation" runs through a few sequences in the film, beginning as a performance in the Low Note Club during which Earl (Tom Waits) almost gets into a fight.  The song continues switching effectively from background music to live performance.

Bono and The Edge wrote this song for Marianne Faithfull. She had never released her recording of the song at the time that this soundtrack came about, although she would later release a version on 1998s A Perfect Stranger.  The movie, Short Cuts was scored by Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer.  It was Gavin's involvment in this project which brought the Bono / Edge penned song to the attention of Willner, and led to the inclusion on the soundtrack.  Gavin and Maurice  also contributed a song of their own, "A Thousand Years".
  • "Conversation on a Barstool" has also been recorded by Hazel O'Connor on her Private Wars album, and Marianne Faithfull on her A Perfect Stranger album.
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