Release Date September 29, 1998
 Artist Kirk Franklin
 Record Label Gospocentric / Universal Records
 Singles With U2 Lean on Me (1998)
 Promotional Releases Lean on Me (1998)
Bono contributes vocals to the track "Lean on Me".
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
  • Interlude: The Verdict (1:30)
  • Revolution (5:39)
  • Lean on Me (5:08)
  • Something about the Name Jesus (6:08)
  • Riverside (5:26)
  • He Loves Me (5:43)
  • Gonna Be a Lovely Day (5:41)
  • Praise Joint (Remix) (4:22)
  • Hold Me Now (5:51)
  • You Are (3:53)
  • Interlude: The Car (Stomp) (1:25)
  • If You've Been Delivered (3:34)
  • Smile Again (6:52)
  • Love (Remix) (0:39)
  • My Desire (4:17)
  • Blessing in the Storm (3:29)
  • I Can (1:23)
Lean on Me: Written by Kirk Franklin. Co-Produced by Dan Shea. Vocals co-produced by Kevin Bond for Bonded Music. Recorded at Andora Studios, Burbank, CA; Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, CA; Wallyworld Studios, San Rafael, CA; by Dave Rideau, Bobby Fernandez, David Gleeson, and Dan Shea. Assisted by Luis Quine and Paul Westheimer. Recorded at Dallas Sound Lab, Dallas, TX; Enterprise Studios, Burbank, CA; by "Bassy" Bob Brockman, Kevin Bond, and Chris Bell. Assisted by James Murray and Phil Green. Recorded at Chicago Trax, Chicago, IL. Assistant engineer: Anthony Kilhosser.  Recorded at Westland Studios, Dublin, Ireland. Mixed at Barking Doctor Studios, Mt. Kisco, NY by Mick Guzauski. Assisted by Tom Bender. Production coordinated by Lexy Shroyer. Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York, NY by Tom Coins. Lead Vocals: R. Kelly, Mary J. Blige, Crystal Lewis, Bono, Tamela Mann, and Dalon Collins. Background Vocals: The Family. Additional background vocals: Nu Nation. Piano: Kirk Franklin. Piano, keyboards and Rhythm Programming: Dan Shea. Organ: Jerome Harmon. Guitar: Michael Landau. Bass: Nathan East. Drums: Ricky Lawson. Percussion: Len Barrett. Strings arranged & conducted by: Bill Ross.
Kirk Franklin is a gospel artist who in 1998 approached several artists to contribute the vocals to the song "Lean on Me".  That list of artists included Bono. Others who participated included R. Kelly, Mary J. Blige, and Crystal Lewis.  Bono's portion of the song were recorded long distance and were edited into the song at a later date.

The song "Lean on Me" was released as a single, and there were also promotional singles released.  The song went on to be nominated for a Grammy Award at the 1999 ceremony.  The song was performed live at the Award ceremony, and Bono guested on stage with the collective.

The album version of "Lean on Me" was 5:08 in length.  On the singles that were released, there was a version of "Lean on Me" that was labelled as the "Album Version" - but it wasn't.  That version of the song was 5:58 in length and was a different mix.

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