Commercial Release December 2005
 Record Label Island Records
 Top Chart Position US: NA, Canada: NA, UK: NA
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
Disc One:
  • City of Blinding Lights (Live from Chicago May 2005) (6:39)
  • Vertigo / Stories for Boys (Live from Chicago May 2005) (4:42)
  • Elevation (Live from Chicago May 2005) (4:34)
  • I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Live from Milan July 2005) (4:04)
  • Miracle Drug (Live from Chicago May 2005) (4:11)
  • Miss Sarajevo (Live from Milan July 2005) (5:14)
  • The Fly (Live from Chicago, May 2005) (5:25)
  • With or Without You (Live from Milan July 2005) (6:22)
Disc Two:
  • Vertigo - Live from Milan (Video)
  • Screensavers
    • Declaration of Human Rights Screensaver
    • Yahweh - Heart Screensaver
    • Yahweh - Dove Screensaver
    • DNA Screensaver
    • Vertigo Screensaver
  • Wallpapers from the How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb Artbook
  • U2.Com Access
Vertigo Tour Sound Engineer: Joe O'Herlihy.  Music recorded by Robbie Adams.  Music produced and Mixed by Carl Glanville.  Mastering :Arnie Acosta at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood.  Audio Post Production: Cheryl Engles at Partial Productions Inc.

Design and authoring of CD-Rom:  Digital:CC.  Project Manager: Jeremy Joseph / De-Lux.  Packaging Desin by Shaughn McGrath / FourFiveOneCreative.

For subscribers of u2.com only.  NOT FOR RESALE.

The third fanclub only release in U2's career came on the tail end of the third leg of the Vertigo tour.  It featured live songs from concerts in 2005 in Chicago and Milan.  The tracks from Chicago are also available on the Vertigo 2005: Live in Chicago DVD release.  The Milan tracks are expected to be available on DVD on an upcoming release.  The 2 CD set was sent out as a gift for renewing one's subscription for the 2006 year to the paid portion of the website at U2.com.

The CDs were released in a cardboard gatefold sleeve, with one CD on either side of the package.  Also included was an insert card, which thanks fans for resubscribing, reiterates the copywrite notice and telling users that they will be banned immediately with no refund if found copying or downloading the tracks on the CD.  One CD contains eight live tracks from the 2005 Vertigo tour.  The other CD contains a combination of video, screensavers, and computer backgrounds that are only accessible if you have subscribed to u2.com and have a user name and password to unlock the CDROM.

The package containing U2.Communication began shipping in December of 2005 to subscribers.  If ordered with the renewal discount for resubscribers it did not come with the keychain which was the 2005 gift.  If ordered for full price, there have been reports that the 2005 keychain gift is included.

 5"CD and 5" CDROM:
 UK Pressing, U2.comv1
Label: Island Records
UPC: None
Package: Gatefold Cardboard Sleeve
Matrix 1: COMV1 01
Matrix 2: U2COMV1/2
Catalog Information:
UK, Island, u2.comv1
Track Listing:
As listed above.
Further Information:
Released only to subscribers of the u2.com website.  Not sold in stores.
Other Images:
Interior Sleeve Front / Interior Sleeve Back / Insert Card Front / Insert Card Back / CDROM
 How to Dismantle... (2004) 18 Singles (2006)