Currently we run a small notification list which allows subscribers to receive updates by email when changes are made to the site.  These updates tend to be more exhaustive than the notes posted on the front page, and will notify readers of changes to individual entries, whereas the front page generally only lists new entries to the database.

This mailing list is a notification only list.  It is not a discussion list.  Only the moderators of the list can post.  It is a low volume list with generally only one posting per week to let readers know of that weeks updates.  We are currently using Yahoo Groups for this mailing list, but have plans to move to our own system in the near future.

To subscribe, you can visit the following page and subscribe through a web format: Alternately, if you do not have a current membership set up at Yahoo you can send an email to u2wanderer-subscribe@yahoogroups.com from the address you wish to subscribe from and join in that manner.  Email addresses are protected, and spam will not come through this group to your email address.
Other information on subscribing and unsubscribing is available at the following link:
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