I first contributed to the site by suggesting lyric transcriptions to the then upcoming ATYLCB album. After recording the KROQ Breakfast (in mono - what a noob) I was looking for a place to share it and the wanderer seemed to work. A few months later I was given the keys to the kingdom and the site had to take down it's proud "100% Canadian" blurb. As co-webmaster I was mainly involved with the lyrics section and the now defunct but once much loved calendar... and I dabble elsewhere. For a while I was researching and implementing more effecient back-end solutions: creating a (simple) custom database solution for the lyrics archive, setting up new content management systems, the forum, etc.

I got into lyrics transcription due to the little bits missing here and there in the "official" transcriptions and all the interesting live permutations. Despite a major in political science at UCLA I'm currently employed doing web design on campus (thanks all those days of working on personal websites instead of studying). The HTML on this site makes me cry now. Aside from the technical and creative challenges of IT I enjoy the flexibility it (can) offer as a career - I've lived and worked in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Canada since graduating and hope to continue exploring the world.

To be perfectly honest the direction U2 has taken this decade hasn't thrilled me (though they're still amazing live) and it's pretty obvious the lyrics archive is missing a lot of recent live versions and collaborations that have come out in the years after HTDAAB. I should just hand the archive over, but then I'd have to write up a front-end to edit it or have someone do direct edits on the database. I can be contacted at 'my first name'@u2wanderer.org, but I'm pretty out of the loop. Here's hoping the next album is actually adventurous on the level of Achtung Baby. Don't overproduce it boys... ;-)

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