U2Wanderer has been around since 1995, and this section of the site attempts to capture some of that history, as well as providing information about the creators of the site, a list of contributors throughout the years, and a means to contact those involved in the site.
When Rattle and Hum was released, a book accompanying the movie was also released containing a discography in the back. As time went on and more releases came out, Aaron Sams started keeping track of these on looseleaf shoved in the back of the movie book.  In 1994 Aaron created his first website which focused on U2. It was basically a list of his collection, as well as a want list of new items.  That initial page eventually formed the basis of the discography.  In December 1995 the first form of the discography was released, and it was nothing more than an early version of the current "By Song" section of the discography, but we do consider that the site's birthday.

In 1998, photos of releases were incorporated into the discography for the first time and the first version of the lyrics section.  It was hosted on a succession of free websites and personal accounts until August of 1999 when we partnered with u2.org to present this information.  In April of 2000 that domain changed to u2universe.com, and in August of that year, the discography was moved to u2wanderer.org which has been our permanent home.  August of 2000 also saw the introduction of Carl Uebelhart to a position of co-webmaster, and placed him in charge of the lyrics database, the newly introduced calendar, and several other initiatives. After 8 years of work on this project, both webmasters are proud of what they have accomplished over the years, and hope you are able to find what you are looking for.

In 2006 Brad Hood joined on this group of U2 fans, and his current focus is keeping the news bits on the front site up to date as new releases are announced. Not long after Mike Long joined us to look after lyrics. More recently we've added George Dias, Aaron Govern, and Don Morgan on the discography side to help us with the new coat of paint. And Harry Kantas has joined the back end to make all things start to sing. Our new design will be ready soon. We look forward to sharing it with you.

  • George Dias
  • Aaron Govern
  • Brad Hood
  • Harry Kantas
  • Mike Long
  • Don Morgan
  • Aaron Sams
  • Carl Uebelhart
  • In 2006 we were named one of the "Top Ten Sites for U2" by Record Collector Magazine (UK) and the pictures accompanying the article were of U2Wanderer.Org and U2.Com
  • Worked with Four5One Creative on The Complete U2 collection released through iTunes.  If you buy tracks from this compilation on iTunes they come complete with cover scans from the items listed at U2Wanderer.
  • Assist with the moderation of the CollectU2 group, a mailing list with over 1200 subscribers focussed on discussing U2 collectibles.
  • Assisted with the discography at the back of the book U2: The Complete Guide to their Music (Graham / van Oosten de Boer, 2004 Edition)
  • Contributed information to the book U2 Live:  A Concert Documentary (3rd Edition)
  • One of two initial sites on the internet granted a preliminary license to print U2 lyrics courtesy of Universal Music Publishing International.
  • Discography used by WBWC radio programmers, Mary Cipriani and Todd Richards, as a guide to U2's body of work for their U2 marathons.
  • Interviewed on WBWC radio on June 12, 2003 as part of the U2 Fan Celebration Weekend in Cleveland OH, hosted by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Invited by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Cleveland Ohio, to cover the opening of the U2 Exhibit as part of the media in February 2003.
  • Discography materials used, but not properly credited in the book Elevate Me Here. Mention in the book as a site used for reference.
  • Only fansite listed on the BBC 94.9FM's U2 Special Website in September 2002.
  • Provided content to u2.com in February 2001 and January 2002.
  • Zoo Europa Gold Fansite Award (2002)
  • Hot Press Magazine (September 2001 - Slane Special) - Site not mentioned by name but they ran a picture of one of our bootleg covers and mention the artwork is superb.
  • mp3 Magazine - Said we look a bit strange but are a pretty decent fan site (review while we were still part of u2universe.com and was for the overall site, 2000)
  • KROQ Website (December 2000) - "Must See for all U2 Fans"
  • Triple J Radio Program (Fall of 1998) - Mention of the discography and our Best of 1990 - 2000 cover during the introduction to playing "The Sweetest Thing".

Peter Lenarcic, RD Mauzy, Caroline Van Oosten de Boer, Darci Chapman, Peter Hanning, Simon Thain, Jay Wardla, Didi, Hans, Bjorn and the all the gang from u2tour.de, Darek Pro, Albie Flanagan, Tom Fuke, Larry Crum, Matthias M., Janne Siivonen, Tim Knauff, David Bouch, Scarth Vader, Amanda Gilligan, Familia Arambula, Klavier, Teresa Cook, Rob Wanenchak, Rajiv Udani, NIco, Joe Williams, Khushru Cooper, Eric Geringas, Alan Villalobos, Mana, Susana, "Familia Arambula", Pete the Chop, Rob Forner, Lisa Larsen, Roars, Gary Chamberlain, Davey Dave, Shawn Rocco, Hayley Coristine, Erik Bartlett, Deb Betz, Ray Gillespie, Declan and Calle, Karmen Krol, Kim Tucker, Roars, Lisa DeRoche, Kim Tucker, Prarit, Matt McGee, Taylor, Kevin Dolph, Triney Cox, Chris Wolf, David Greg Harth, Dan Eliot, Chris Wolf, Anthony, Carlos Nuñez, Kate Whyte, Herbert Alvarado, Matt Donner, Tom Fuke, Elizabeth Rose, and the Loopay one and anyone else we've missed.

To Paul Andersen for reaching out and giving a shove and giving us our first real home at u2.org. To Stefanie Bowen for contributions and encouragement. To Dan Vitale and Joshua Worrill, for their continued friendship. To Graham Knap, the original collaborator on the discography, who helped fix many of the mistakes as they cropped up. And finally to Wes Holland who helped immensely with the collectors pages. And finally thanks to Stephen Doyle, an old friend no longer with us. This is for you.
  • General Comments: comments @ u2wanderer.org
  • News Tips and Corrections: news @ u2wanderer.org
  • Lyrics: lyrics @ u2wanderer.org
  • Discography: wanderer @ u2wanderer.org
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