Release Date: November 1991
 Type of Item: Album Promotional Item
 Related Release: Achtung Baby (1991)
 Country: UK
It is unknown how many of these were produced. Many U2 collector's believe that 250 were made, but they are very common and easy to find - add that to the fact that they were sent out to numerous shops in the USA for display, and it seems as though many more than 250 were made to promote Achtung Baby. 

A truly amazing item, this huge car is a Trabant and features the art similar to one of the promo videos for One - a single from the album. Each tire needs to be inflated separately - just like a real car! They were originally bundled with a instruction manual and hanging kit.

View of the drivers side of the inflatable trabant inflated.. 
Image Credit:  Image provided from eBay.
View of the passengers side of the inflatable trabant inflated.
Image Credit:  Image provided from eBay.
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