Release Date: 1991
 Type of Item: Tour Commercial Item
 Related Release: Achtung Baby (1991)
 Country: UK
This three pin set was released as a commercial item on the Zoo TV tour in 1991.  They were sold on various legs of the tour.  Each of the three pins is on a yellow and orange background with the words "It's no secret that the stars are falling from the sky" which is a lyric from the song The Fly.  Each pin had one of three icon drawings in black and white in the center.  Pictured above is the trabant.  Also in the set was a star and one of Cosmo, the Achtung Baby.  Click on the image above for a larger image containing all three pins.

These pins as a commercial tour item were quite widely available, and can still be found readily if one looks around for them.

View of all three pins available that were sold as a set in a small clear plastic bag.. 
Image Credit:  Image provided by AJS.
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