President Bush of the United States of America announced during his State of the Union speech that he would give $15 billion dollars of aid to Africa to help fight the terrible AIDS epidemic sweeping the continent. However consitutionally it is the legislative branch which has jurisdiction over the allocation of monies. Members of the U2 community have come together with a way to try and help Congress make this vital decision... there will be a total of 8 messages to be sent to senate members to inform them of the seriousness of the situation and inspire them into action.

The legislation has already passed through the House of Representatives, and will be on the Senate floor shortly. The campaign will be focusing on Senators as they usually recieve less e-mail and also are of a more managable number (100 rather than 535).

Those in the US can choose to e-mail their state senators or cut and paste the message into the webforms provided, or try and contact as many as they can. Viewers from other countries are also welcome to pass this message along, as the internet is without borders and this legislation will affect lives spanning the globe.

Contact information may be found at Congress.org or Senate.gov. While roughly 60 senators have e-mail addresses, some like Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist have webform access only.

You are free to adapt or personalize the message in any way you choose, but it is strongly recommend that we ALL use the same lyrics on the same day. We for our part will try and get them up for you on time. :)

May 12 2003: Message Number 1 (Takes a second to say goodbye).
May 14 2003: Message Number 2 (Be One).
May 15 2003: Message Number 3 (Slipping Under).
May 16 2003: Message Number 4 (Sing a New Song).
May 21 2003: Message Number 5 (The Hands that Built).
May 24 2003: Message Number 6 (Beautiful Day).

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Note: u2wanderer.org is not organizing or producing this campaign but is proud to serve as an outlet for it to be heard.
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