This collection of links is a grouping of sites that the webmasters use regularily. If you are interested in having your link listed here, please contact us. Please note that due to the amount of email that we receive an immediate reply may not be possible.
  • @u2 - an archive of stories back to the early days of the band, plus continued reporting of current news. For the most up to date and fullest coverage of news related to U2, check out their mailing list.
  • u2log - a blog brought to us by a creative news oriented group of editors. An up-to-date news resource with a healthy dose of humour and many original news stories.
  • u2tour.de - news reports in German. A regular source of release information before any other source. 
  • u2.com - the official website produced by the band.
  • Propaganda US - Website of U2's North American Fan Club.
  • The Clarence Hotel - Hotel partially owned by U2 in Dublin.
  • Interscope Records - The record label in the USA.
  • Island Records - The record label outside of the USA.
  • Digi:CC - Dublin web production studio run by Adam Clayton's brother which has done digital design work for U2.
  • Four 5 One Design - The design group which designs the album covers and other artwork for U2.
  • Dreamchaser Productions - Independant production company which has worked on many U2 productions.
  • Windmill Lane Studios - A recording studio where U2 once recorded their albums.
  • ZOO Radio - An internet radio station produced by Virgin Radio for U2. Features tracks selected by U2 and friends.
  • U2 FAQS - Facts about U2.  This Frequently Asked Questions site about U2 attempts to answer all those questions you may ask. Always good to check here first to see if your questions are answered.
  • U2 Tours - Featuring a team of a dozen U2 Webmasters working together to bring the concert history of U2 to the internet. Features audio, full concert listings, setlists, concert trading, discussion lists and forums.  Want to see U2 live?  Start the experience here.
  • U2 Exit - Multimedia site which brings video and audio clips from U2. Also home of an extensive U2 on the net directory.
  • atu2.com - An invaluable resource for fans, this site contains up to date news, cartoons, collector's resources, and an incredible guide to U2's Dublin.  Well worth a stop.
  • u2log.com - Not just a news site, this site brings audio and video to fans, humour, and a place to discuss the newest news in a blog type format.
  • U2 Videography - Looking for information on the commercial video clips that U2 have released over the years? This is a great site to check out, and is very complete up to All That You Can't Leave Behind.
  • Three Chords and the Truth - News, biography information, and home of the U2 Quiz.  Test your knowledge on all things U2.
  • U2 World - A web directory of U2 sites from around the world.
  • For Love or Money - The online guide to U2 bootlegs released prior to the days of CDR trading. Fan reviews, tracklistings, etc are all combined here to be the best guide to U2 bootlegs around.
  • U2 New Zooland - A website for the Kiwi based, and those from around the world who are interested in U2's ties to New Zealand. Features information about the band's time in New Zealand, a forum for discussion and much more.
  • Lypton Village - An Australian based U2 news and information page. Concentrates on news pertaining to U2 Down Under. Always a fun site to visit.
  • U2 Talk - A general discussion list brought to you by the U2 Tours website. This is a moderated discussion list which means that the discussion is about U2 and related items, and stays on topic. A very active list with a membership that is continually growing.
  • Collect U2 - A discussion list dealing with all things related to U2 collecting.  Might help you out in that search for that U2 rarity, or to help you figure out if something is official or not.  Sorry, no live bootleg discussion allowed.
  • U2 ReWired - An unmoderated fan list which talks not only about U2 but also allows people to talk about the lighter side of topics as well as delving into the off topic stuff.
  • ElevaSHN - Discussion list about trading of live U2 material.  Learn about the SHN format for trading shows in a lossless audio format, as well as the opportunity to trade shows in more traditional fashions. No discussion of mp3 trading, or sale of bootlegs is permitted.
  • U2 Tour - A discussion list during the U2 tour which brings fans together around the world to discuss ticket sales, setlists, and much more.  A great place to look for that ticket you want, or just to get to know a few people who might be at that concert you are going to.
  • U2 List - The original WIRE mailing list on the net continues over 10 years later. It's gone through some changes over the years, and traffic has waned in recent times, but a new album and tour is sure to bring some lively discussion soon.
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