THE BEST OF 1990 - 2000

 Commercial Release December 2 / 10, 2001
 Record Label Island / Interscope Records
 Related Album Best of 1990 - 2000 (2002)
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
  • Even Better Than the Real Thing
    • Godley Video
    • Godley Commentary
    • Smyth Dance Version
  • Mysterious Ways
    • Sednaoui Video
    • Sednaoui Commentary
  • Beautiful Day
  • Electrical Storm
    • Director's Version (Corbijn) Video
    • Corbijn Commentary
    • "U2 Sur Mer" Documentary
  • One
    • Corbijn Version
    • Corbijn Commentary
    • Joanou Version
    • Joanou Commentary
    • "A Story of One" Documentary
  • Miss Sarajevo
    • Linnane Version
    • Linnane Commentary
    • "Missing Sarajevo" Documentary
  • Stay (Faraway So Close)
    • Wenders Version
    • Wenders Commentary
  • Stuck in a Moment
    • Kahn Version
    • Kahn Commentary
    • Godley Version
    • Godley Commentary
  • Gone
    • Live from Popmart Version
  • Until the End of the World
    • Godley Version (Live from Zoo TV)
  • The Hands that Built America
  • Discotheque
    • Sednaoui Version
    • Sednaoui Commentary
  • Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
    • Godley / Linanne Version
    • Godley / Linanne Commentary
  • Staring at the Sun
    • Scott Version
    • Scott Commentary
    • Steinberg Version
  • Numb
  • The Fly
    • Smith / Klein Version (Lounge Lizard Mix)
    • Commentary
  • Please
    • Corbijn Version
    • Corbijn Commentary
  • If God Will Send His Angels
    • Joanou Version
    • Joanou Commentary
  • Wild Horses
    • Joanou Version
    • Joanou Commentary
  • Lemon
    • Neale Version
    • Neale Commentary
  • Last Night on Earth
    • Smythe Un-Subtitled Version
    • Smythe Commentary
  • MOFO
    • Phunk Phorce Mix - Linnane Version
  • The Ground Beneath Her Feet
    • Wenders Version
    • Wenders Commentary
A Dreamchaser production for U2 Limited.  Producer: Ned O'Hanlon.  Creative Director: Maurice Linnane.  Executive Producer: Paul McGuinness.  DVD Project Manager: Sheila Roche.  DVD Project Assistant: Aislinn Meehan.  Production Manager: Tara Mullen.  DVD Authoring and Compression: Screen Scene, Dublin.  Post Production Supervisor: Suzanne McKensie.  Graphic Design: Mark Bailey.  Boss of Audio: Cheryl Engles.

Booklet text by Martin Wroe. Sleeve designed by Four5One Design, Dublin. Inside photography by Anton Corbijn.  Reproduced by Sonicon.

Released in the Fall of 2002, this was released as a companion to the audio compilation released the same year.  It featured one video to accompany each song on the album, plus included several bonus videos.  In many cases more than one version of the video was included.  Also the directors of the videos recorded commentary which can played accompaning the video instead of the song.

Also included are three documentary short films, one each accompaning "One", "Electrical Storm" and "Miss Sarajevo".

As well there are two "Easter Eggs" hidden on the DVD release.  The first is a clip from the making of "Last Night on Earth", easily found by skipping to track 18 on the DVD.  The second egg is a shot of a fish tank which has trabants swimming around as well as fish.  This footage was used during the Zoo TV tour on the video screens during intermission.  This one can be found by going to the introduction screen for the song "One" and hitting "1 - enter - 1 - enter - 1 - enter" on your remote.

The video version of this release doesn't include the Director commentary, the easter eggs, r the alternate videos. There is certainly much more content on the DVD version.  The DVD case is a cardboard outer sleeve, which holds a double digipack DVD case.  The additional room for the second dvd is labelled to be there for the "History Mix" DVD which was released with the Best of 1990 - 2000 & B Sides.

 USA Pressing, 440-063 538-3
Label: Interscope Records
Package: Cardboard Sleeve
Format: NTSC
Catalog Information:
Australia, PAL, Island, 063 535-3 UK, PAL, NTSC, 063 535-3
Canada, NTSC, Island, 440-063 538-3 USA, NTSC, Interscope, 440-063 538-3
Europe, PAL, Island, 063 537-3
Track Listing:
As listed above.
Further Information:
Released in a cardboard sleeve. Includes a much shorter track listing (one version of each video.)
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 5" DVD:
 Canada Pressing, 440 063 511-9
Label: Island Records
UPC: 0 44006 35119 3
Package: Digipack DVD Case
Format: NTSC
Catalog Information:
Australia, PAL, Island, 063 510-9 Japan, NTSC, Island / Polygram, UIBI1003
Canada, NTSC, Island, 063 510-9 UK, PAL, Island, 063 510-9
Europe, PAL, Island, 063 510-9 USA, NTSC, Interscope, 440 063 511-9
Track Listing:
As listed above.
Further Information:
Released in a digipack DVD case inside an outer holder.
Other Images:
Elevation 2001: Live from Boston (2001) U2 Go Home: Live from Slane Castle (2003)