Commercial Release 2005
 Artist Various
 Record Label RMG Chart Entertainment
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
Disc One:
  • All I Want is You - Mark Leary (4:00)
  • "40" - The Frames (4:38)
  • When Love Comes to Town - Declan O'Rourke (3:30)
  • Seconds - Mundy (3:45)
  • Mothers of the Disappeared - Paddy Casey (3:14)
  • Heartland - Bell X 1 (3:59)
  • So Cruel - Erin McKeown (3:22)
  • Even Better than the Real Thing - Jack L (3:14)
  • Running to Stand Still - Mickey Harte (5:12)
  • October - Divine Comedy (2:33)
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday - Lisa Bresnan (4:31)
  • Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses - Tom Baxter (5:10)
Disc Two:
  • One - Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club (3:57)
  • New Year's Day - Aslan (4:32)
  • With or Without You - The Walls (3:53)
  • I Still Haven't Found - Juliet Turner (4:13)
  • Love is Blindness - Devlins / Sharon Corr (3:17)
  • Bad - Luka Bloom (5:25)
  • Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses - Picturehouse (5:18)
  • A Sort of Homecoming - Hazel Kaneswaran (4:11)
  • Love Rescue Me - Rosey (4:50)
  • Vertigo - Elvis / Kevin Doyle (3:28)
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday - Damien Dempsey (4:33)
  • Van Diemen's Land - George Murphy (3:44)
  • Sweetest Thing - St. Fiachra's Junior School Choir (2:38)
Well what happened on December 26, 2004 has affected us all.  The extent of this human tragedy is difficult to get your head around.  As always we as a nation have been unbelievably generous and charitable.  Long after the Tsunami has left the front pages, the suffering and the rebuilding of shattered lives will continue.  Everybody wanted to do something to help out in some small way.  This album is the product of this collective effort of some of Ireland's best musical talents.  Thanks to all of them - thank you for buying the CD.  Enjoy!  Ray D'arcy.
This is a really nice tribute album in the scheme of things.  Especially if you enjoy acoustic music.  The "Even Better than the Real Thing" series of CDs originates with 100.1 TODAY FM in Ireland.  The first two volumes contained artists acoustically reinterpreting popular songs by other other artists.  There were no U2 covers on these earlier two volumes but the name was nicked from a U2 song.

Volume three was put together after the tsunami of December 2004.  This time out the release is a double cd set, and contains only acoustic covers of U2 material.  These aren't no name artists either.  There are some very familiar and popular artists from Ireland contributing to this double CD set.  And proceeds are going towards a good cause.  It's a worthy CD to pick up if you get the chance.

 5" CD:
Country: Ireland
Label: RMG Chart Entertainment
Catalog: TODAYCD3
UPC: 5 099386 245629
Package: Slimline Double Jewel
Matrix A: www.trendstudios.com TS 6968 -
Matrix B: www.trendstudios.com TS 6969 -
Track Listing:
As listed above.
Further Information:
Released in Ireland by RMG Chart Entertainment in conjunction with the Ray D'Arcy Show on Today FM..
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