Version I
 Release Date:  June 25, 2007
 Record Label:  Atlantic Music
 Artist:  Andrea Corr
 Bono listed as an executive producer for entire album.
 TRACK LISTING (Click for Lyrics):
  • Hello Boys (2:51)
  • Anybody There (3:16)
  • Shame on You (To Keep My Love from Me) (3:58)
  • I Do (2:05)
  • Ten Feet High (3:21)
  • Champagne from a Straw (3:34)
  • 24 Hours (3:00)
  • This Is What It's All About (3:35)
  • Take Me I'm Yours (3:08)
  • Stupidest Girl in the World (3:39)
  • Ideal World (2:21)
  • Shame on You (To Keep My Love from Me) (Radio Edit) (3:37)
Bonus Tracks:
  • Amazing (2:30) [Japan Bonus Track]
  • Shame on You (To Keep My Love from Me) (Radio Edit Acoustic Version) (3:02) [iTunes Bonus]
Produced by Nellee Hooper.  Executive Producers: Bono and Gavin Friday.  Written by ANdrea Corr.  Except track 9 written by Chris Difford, Glen Tilbrook.  Programming and keyboards by Aidan Love.  Recording and mixes engineered by Simon Gogerly.  Additional engineering by n Love and Ian Rossiter.  Assisted by Ian Rossiter and Owen Clark.  Piano by Andrea Corr.  Guitars and bass by Mark Ralph.  Photos by Anton Corbijn.
While her brother and sisters took a break from recording and touring, a Corr struck off on her own with help from Gavin Friday and Bono to put together her own solo album.  All tracks are executive produced by Bono and Gavin Friday.  There is no performance by either credited on the album.  It isn't known how much input the two had in this album. 

In the thank yous of the album Andrea does state the following thank you, "To my three bodyguards for breathing life into my songs Nellee Hooper, Bono and Gavin Friday.  Shame on You was released as the album's first single.

  • The Corrs stepped in at the last minute for an ill PJ Harvey at the opening shows of 2001's Elevation Tour
  • The Corrs' Live from Dublin album featured Bono on vocals on both "When the Stars Go Blue" and "Summer Wine". When the Stars Go Blue was released as a promotional single to radio.
  • Sharon and Andrea Corr contributed instrumentals to the soundtrack version of "The Hands That Built America" found on the Gangs of New York Soundtrack. The song was nominated for both an Oscar and a Golden Globe and a For Your Consideration Promo CD was released for voters of this category.
  • Bono co-wrote "Time Enough for Tears" which was sung by Andrea Corr on the In America Soundtrack. This song was nominated for a Golden Globe and a For Your Consideration Promo CD was released for voters.
  • The Corrs appeared at the 46664 Concert in South Africa, and appeared in the Cast singalong at the end on the songs "We are the Champions" and "46664 Chant". This is captured on the third part of the set capturing this event, Amandla.
  • The Corrs album, Borrowed Heaven, also contained the song "Time Enough for Tears". This is the same version as that found on the soundtrack album (see above).

  • "In the Name of the Father" was co-written and performed by Bono and Gavin Friday for the In the Name of the Father soundtrack in 1993. It was also released as a single. It also featured on the Gavin Friday promo The World According to Me.
  • "Billy Boola" was co-written and performed by Bono and Gavin Friday for the In the Name of the Father soundtrack. It also featured on Gavin's 1995 single, You Me and World War Three single.
  • Gavin and Bono co-wrote "You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart" which was performed by Sinead O'Connor on the In the Name of the Father soundtrack. It was also released as a single. The single also featured another song co-written by Bono and Gavin "The Father and his Wife the Spirit".
  • "Thief of Your Heart" also was released on The Best of Sinead O'Connor. A live version was also released on her She Who Dwells compilation.
  • Bono and Edge sing back up on the track "Little Black Dress" on Gavin Friday's album Shag Tobacco.
  • Gavin and Maurice Seezer recorded the song "Children of the Revolution" with Bono and released it on the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
  • Gavin Friday contributed backing vocals to "Satellite of Love" which was released on U2's One single.
  • Gavin Friday worked with Maurice Seezer on a retelling of the story Peter and the Wolf. Bono joined him for this project, contributing illustrations to the book.
  • Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer co-wrote "Time Enough for Tears" with Bono, which was sung by Andrea Corr and featured on the In America Soundtrack and on the Corrs soo album "Borrowed Heaven". A promotional For Your Consideration CD was also released for Golden Globe voters.
Canada Pressing, 2 93124
Label: Atlantic
Catalog: 2 93124
UPC: 5 051442 093124
Package: Regular Jewel Case
Matrix: LT36 93124 #70607Z32
Catalog Information:
Canada, Atlantic, 2 93124 UK, Atlantic, 5144209312
Taiwan, Atlantic, 5144209312 USA, Atlantic, 2 93124
Track Listing:
As Listed Above.  No Bonus Tracks.  Korean Release featured a OBI strip.
Further Information:
As pictured above.
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Japan Pressing, WPCR-12663
Label: Atlantic
Catalog: WPCR-12663
Package: Regular Jewel Case with OBI
Catalog Information:
Japan, Atlantic, WPCR-12663
Track Listing:
As Listed Above.  Contains "Amazing" as a bonus track.  Comes packaged with sleeve sticker and OBI strip.
Further Information:
As pictured above.
Other Images:
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