Release Date 1999
 Artist David A. Stewart and Candy Dulfer
 Record Label BMG Records
 Albums With U2 Cookie's Fortune Soundtrack (1999)
 Promotional Releases Not Available
Bono performs backing vocals on the song "A Good Man"
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
  • Cookie - David A. Stewart and Candy Dulfer (5:03)
  • A Good Man - David A. Stewart and Bono (03:06)
A Good Man: David A. Stewart: Guitars, dobro, bass.  Steve McLaughlin: Programming and vocal sampling.  Pat Seymour: Harmonium. Kenny Dickenson: Harmonium. Reece Gilmore: Drums and programming.  Caroline Dale: Cello.  Candy Dulfer: Saxophone. Bono: backing vocal.  Produced by David A. Stewart and Steve McLaughlin. Written by David A. Stewart.
David A. Stewart is perhaps most famously known as 1/2 of the duo known as the Eurythmics.  But he is also a close personal friend of Bono.  And when Stewart began work on the soundtrack to Cookie's Fortune, he called upon Bono to contribute backing vocals to one of the songs, "A Good Man".  In Europe, a CD single was released from this soundtrack which featured "A Good Man" as the b-side.  This was a commercial release but was done in limited numbers.
  • Bono and the Edge worked with David A. Stewart on the soundtrack for Cookie's Fortune on the songs "A Good Man" and "Patrol Car Blues". "A Good Man" was also released as a b-side to the single, Cookie.
  • David A. Stewart's multimedia web project "Sly-Fy" featured clips of Bono and the Edge, but there was no inclusion of these U2 clips on the accompanying recording.
  • David A. Stewart is thanked for early inspiration on the song "Walk On" on the All That You Can't Leave Behind album.
  • David A. Stewart performed "Walk On" with U2 for the September 11 tribute which was released as the album America: A Tribute to Heroes.
  • David A. Stewart helped to organize the 46664 concert in South Africa. He performed with Bono and the Edge at that concert. This concert is documented on three CDs, Part I: African Prayer, Part II: Long Road to Freedom, Part III: Amandla. Promotional releases of African Prayer, Long Road to Freedom and Amandla also exist, as does a three cd promo release.
  • David A. Stewart also recorded the song "46664" in studio with Bono. This song to date has only been released on the internet and by phone - there has not been a commercial release.
 5" CD:
 Europe Pressing, 74321669002
Label: BMG Records
UPC: 7 43216 69002 2
Package: Card Sleeve
Catalog Information:
Europe, BMG, 74321669002
Track Listing:
Cookie / A Good Man
Further Information:
Distributed throughout Europe.
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