Release Date 1995
 Artist Gavin Friday
 Record Label Island Records
 Albums With U2 Shag Tobacco (1995)
 Promotional Releases None
Bono performs vocals and co-writes, "In the Name of the Father".
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
  • Down by Memory Lane - Virgin Prunes (3:24)
  • Pagan Love Song - Virgin Prunes (3:26)
  • Clear Off - Gavin Friday and the Fall (4:38)
  • Tenderness of Wolves - Gavin Friday and Coil (4:25)
  • Strict Tempo - Gavin Friday and Dave Ball
  • You Take Away the Sun - Gavin Friday and the Man Seezer (4:08)
  • Falling off the Edge of the World - Gavin Friday and Maria McKee (4:18)
  • Yoga of the Nightclub - Gavin Friday and Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart (4:42)
  • In the Name of the Father (Album Version) - Gavin Friday and Bono (5:42)
In the Name of the Father: From the original soundtrack (island records 1994).  Written by Bono / Gavin Friday / Maurice Seezer.  Sample: "An Ras" by Tommy Hayes. 
Gavn Friday is a childhood friend of Bono's, and one collaborator with whom Bono has worked extensively outside of U2.  Gavin has over the years influenced Bono, and has also acted as a consultant on both the Popmart and the Elevation tours.

This promo release was released to promote the release of Gavin's third solo album, Shag Tobacco.  It contained no tracks off of the new album, but did contain a series of songs which Gavin had participated on dating back to 1982.  Bono appears on the song "In the Name of the Father" which was written for the soundtrack of the same name and was released as a single in 1994.

  • "In the Name of the Father" was co-written and performed by Bono and Gavin Friday for the In the Name of the Father soundtrack in 1993. It was also released as a single. It also featured on the Gavin Friday promo The World According to Me.
  • "Billy Boola" was co-written and performed by Bono and Gavin Friday for the In the Name of the Father soundtrack. It also featured on Gavin's 1995 single, You Me and World War Three single.
  • Gavin and Bono co-wrote "You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart" which was performed by Sinead O'Connor on the In the Name of the Father soundtrack. It was also released as a single. The single also featured another song co-written by Bono and Gavin "The Father and his Wife the Spirit".
  • "Thief of Your Heart" also was released on The Best of Sinead O'Connor. A live version was also released on her She Who Dwells compilation.
  • Bono and Edge sing back up on the track "Little Black Dress" on Gavin Friday's album Shag Tobacco.
  • Gavin and Maurice Seezer recorded the song "Children of the Revolution" with Bono and released it on the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
  • Gavin Friday contributed backing vocals to "Satellite of Love" which was released on U2's One single.
  • Gavin Friday worked with Maurice Seezer on a retelling of the story Peter and the Wolf. Bono joined him for this project, contributing illustrations to the book.
  • Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer co-wrote "Time Enough for Tears" with Bono, which was sung by Andrea Corr and featured on the In America Soundtrack and on the Corrs soo album "Borrowed Heaven". A promotional For Your Consideration CD was also released for Golden Globe voters.
 5" CD:
 USA Pressing, PRCD7186-2
Label: Island Records
UPC: None
Package: Cardboard Sleeve
Matrix: PRC D71 862 01!
Catalog Information:
UK, Island, GAVCD1 USA, Island, PRCD7186-2
Track Listing:
As listed above.
Further Information:
Released to promote the Shag Tobacco album.
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