Release Date October 1995
 Record Label Island Records
 Album Original Soundtracks No. 1 - Passengers (1995)
Commercial Releases Not Available
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
Disc One:
  • Short Form Interview (No Music) (14:14)
Disc Two:
  • Short Form Interview with Music (21:20)
  • Long Form Interview with Music Segment 1 (10:25)
  • Long Form Interview with Music Segment 2 (9:04)
  • Long Form Interview with Music Segment 3 (18:53)
Refer to Original Soundtracks No. 1 album.
This is a double interview disc released to promote the release of Original Soundtracks No. 1.  Released in digipack packaging in the UK these interview discs features interviews with U2 and the other Passengers. Disc one is made up of the following segments: Introductions / On the Origins of Miss Sarajevo / On the Origins of Passengers / On Original Soundtracks and Film Music / On the various Members / On Slug / On Your Blue Room / On the future of Passengers / On Bosnia / On the Modena Concert. Only the answers are featured on disc one, there are no questions, nor any music.

Disc two contains music from the album, along with the same interview broken up in two ways. The short form features just the answers mixed with songs from Original Soundtracks No. 1. The long form features the entire interview, questions included, and music from the album. Songs featured in these segments are Miss Sarajevo, Let's Go Native, Plot 180, Ito Okashi, Your Blue Room and Always Forever Now. The disc also features a snippet of Bono singing Miss Sarajevo solo.

 5" CD:
Country: UK
Label: Island Records
Catalog: OST 2
UPC: None
Package: Double Digipack
Track Listing:
As listed above.
Further Information:
Two CD radio promo packaged in a double digipack case. Click on the CD above to see both CDs and the interior of the digipack.
Other Images:
Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me (1995) Miss Sarajevo (1995)
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