Release Date August 10, 2004
 Artist Paul Oakenfold / Various
 Record Label Thrive / New State Records
 Singles With U2 None
 Promotional Releases None
Paul Oakenfold remixes "Beautiful Day" yet again coming up with the Paul Oakenfold 2004 Mix.
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
Disc One:
  • Point Zero - Matt Darey pres Li Kwan (7:43)
  • I Found U - Interstate (5:49)
  • First Sight - Duran and Aytek (5:18)
  • Wadi - Sultan & The Greek (5:33)
  • Clear Blue - Markus Schulz presents Elevation (6:16)
  • Como Tu (Paul Oakenfold Mix) - Carlos Vives (7:00)
  • 12 - Tilt (6:32)
  • Living The Dream - D-Fuse (8:01)
  • Space Manoeuveres Part 3 - Quivver (4:09)
  • The World Doesn't Know - Tilt (5:22)
  • Jump the Next Train (Probspot Remix) - Young Parisians featuring Ben Lost (7:27)
Disc Two:
  • Ocean of Love - DJ Suzy Solar (5:36)
  • One Day - NuBreed & Luke Chable (4:29)
  • Nice Guys Finish Last - Pinkbox Special (4:51)
  • Cages (Lemon 8 Mix) - Girl Nobody (6:02)
  • Scatterbomb (Original String Mix) - The Sneaker (5:44)
  • Perfect Wave - Peter Martin presents Anthanasia (4:32)
  • Time of Your Live (Shane 54 Mix) - Oakenfold (5:43)
  • People Want to Be Needed - Auranaut (5:43)
  • Particle - Stel & Good News (5:14)
  • Beautiful Day (Paul Oakenfold 2004 Mix) - U2 (6:54)
  • Lizard (Paul Oakenfold 2004 Mix) - Mauro Picotto (7:23)
  • I'm Not Fooled (JOOF Tranced Out Mix) - John '00' Fleming (7:02)
Beautiful Day (Paul Oakenfold 2004 Mix): Written by Bono / The Edge / U2. Produced by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno.  Remixed by Paul Oakenfold. Programming and additional production by Ian Green.
Oakenfold tackles another U2 remix of Beautiful Day.  This one is presented on Oakenfold's compilation "Creamfields" which is the name of an outdoor clubbing event and has become one of the largest dance festivals.  Paul Oakenfold regularily plays at these events and this compilation was put together to try to capture the essense of one of his DJ sessions live.

The remix is not one of the best of Beautiful Day out there, but is typical Oakenfold.  The entire compilation is mixed together as one continuous track, thus you can hear bits of other music at the start and end of the Beautiful Day track.  The majority of this track is instrumental, but does have a nice lyrical passage in the middle of the song.

  • Beautiful Day has been released on many recordings.  See the By Song - B list for location of these songs.
 2 x 5" CD:
 USA Pressing, 90724-2
Label: Thrive Records
UPC: 7651249072428
Package: Slim Double Jewel
Matix A: Z28540 90724-2.1 02
Matrix B: Z28541 90724-2.2 01
Catalog Information:
USA, Thrive, 90724-2 UK, New State, NSEM9001
Track Listing:
As listed above.
Further Information:
Compiled and mixed by Paul Oakenfold in 2004.
Other Images:
USA: (Front of Case with Sticker / CD Two)
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