Commercial Release March 1999
 Artist Jeep Grrlz
 Record Label Island Records
  • Re-Wired (7" Edit) (3:31)
  • Re-Wired (Wiseass Mix) (8:03)
  • XS Buggage
  • Re-Wired (2 Sheep Mix) (7:39)
Written by U2, Marvellous Mee, D. Stress, Love Chocolate.  "Re-Wired" contains the sample of "Wire" written and performed by U2.
In 1997 a band by the name of the Jeep Grrlz were signed to Island records, home of U2.  This song, Re-Wired, was something which they were doing in the clubs throughout the UK.  Island thought about suing the band, but chose to sign them and release the song instead. Island approached U2, and Edge gave the permission to release the song was given.  Island chose to only release the song as a promotional item.  Both a 12" and a CD version of the promo were released.

The song itself samples U2's Wire from The Unforgettable Fire album.  Lyrics from that recording are intermixed with new vocals, and a dance recording.

 12" VINYL:
Country: UK
Label: Island Records
Catalog: 12IS737DJ
UPC: None
Package: Diecut Sleeve
Track Listing:
Re-Wired (2 Sheep Mix) / Re-Wired (Wiseass Remix)
Further Information:
Released in a plain black diecut sleeve, with a sticker on the front listing the tracks.  This was a promotional release.
Other Images:
5" CD:
Country: UK
Label: Island Records
Catalog: CD737
UPC: None
Package: Slimline Jewel
Matrix: CID737 02 %
Track Listing:
Re-Wired (7" Edit) / Re-Wired (Wiseass Remix) / XS Buggage
Further Information:
This was a promotional release of the single. There was no insert in the jewel case.
Other Images:
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