Welcome to the Mysterious Ways lyrics section at U2Wanderer.org.  We try to get every word sung/spoken/muttered or otherwise appearing in a song. Remixes, edits, and live versions of each same song are done independently... you won't just find 15 different links pointing to the album version of Discotheque. We can honestly say this is the most comprehensive U2 lyrics archive in existence - if you feel you can make it even better feel free to join like-minded souls in the Lyrics Transcriptions section at our forum. Those wanting transcriptions of lyrics as officially released in the album booklets, etc, should head over to U2.com's lyrics section. An alternate fan resource is the @U2 Lyrics Archive which can provide a different take on what's being sung.
What's Going On:
The archive is up to date, when I get the time the unofficial live lyrics section will be brought back up to full strength... 

Needed Songs: 
[1980] I Will Follow 7" Vinyl Promo: I Will Follow (Special Edited DJ Version) (3:22)
[1983] French 7" Vinyl New Years Day Single: New Years Day (Edit) (3:40)
[1993] Island Select Cassette: Salome (Zooromancer Remix Edit) (6:50)
[1993] EMI New Releases Autumn 1993 CD Promo: The Wanderer (Alternate Take Edit) (??)
[1995] Hazel O'Connor's Private Wars CD: Conversation From a Barstool (??)
NOTE: I already have the versions by Marianne Faithfull and Annie Ross!
[1997] Discothèque Promo 12" Vinyl: Discothèque (DM TEC Club Mix) (7:20)
[1998] Zucchero's Blue Promo Single: Blue (English Version Edit) (3:59)
[2001] Walk On Promo Single: Walk On (Single Version Edit) (4:08)

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