Release Date December 19, 1995
 Artist Various
 Record Label Warner Brothers Records
 Singles With U2 None
 Promotional Releases None
U2 contributes a different mix of the Passengers' song "Always Forever Now" to this soundtrack.
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
  • Heat - Kronus Quartet (7:41)
  • Always Forever Now - Passengers (6:54)
  • Condensers - Eliot Goldenthal (2:34)
  • Refinery Surveilance - Kronus Quartet (1:45)
  • Last Nite - Terje Rypdal & the Chasers (3:29)
  • Ultramarine - Michael Brook (4:35)
  • Armenia - Einsturzende Neubauten (4:58)
  • Of Helplessness - Eliot Goldenthal (2:39)
  • Steel Cello Lament - Eliot Goldenthal (1:42)
  • Mystery Man - Terje Rypdal (4:39)
  • New Dawn Fades - Moby (2:54)
  • Entrada & Shootout - Eliot Goldenthal (1:45) 
  • Force marker - Eliot Goldenthal (3:37) 
  • Coffee Shop - Eliot Goldenthal (1:37) 
  • Fate Scraps - Eliot Goldenthal (1:34) 
  • La Bas (Edited Version) - Lisa Gerrard (3:10) 
  • Gloradin - Lisa Gerrard (3:56) 
  • Run Up Hill - Eliot Goldenthal (2:51) 
  • Predator Diorama - Kronos Quartet (2:39) 
  • OF Separation - Eliot Goldenthal (2:21) 
  • God Moving Over the Face of the Waters - Moby (6:58) 
Always Forever Now: Performed by Passengers (Brian Eno and U2)  String arrangement: Paul Barrett.  Engineered by Danton Supple.  Assisted by Rob Kirwan. Sequencer: Des Broadbery.
Yet another soundtrack album with a U2 track.  And once again the version of the song appearing on the soundtrack is slightly different than the album version.  This version of "Always Forever Now" is approximately 30s longer than the original album version.  It adds vocal noises in the background, but does not add any additional lyrics to the overall song.  Only a very minute piece of this track is used in the movie.

The song "Always Forever Now" is credited to "Passengers" which is the band name that U2 released a full album of songs under.  Brian Eno was very involved as a fifth member during the recording of that album and there were several other guest voices on the album, or "Passengers".  This heavy involvment from outsiders left U2 not wanting to call this a U2 album.  Only one album was released under the Passengers name, 1995's Original Soundtracks No. 1.

  • Always Forever Now was released originally on Original Soundtracks No. 1 by Passengers.  Passengers was made up of Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen, Bono, the Edge and Brian Eno.
 5" CD:
 Canada Pressing, CD46144
Label: Warner Brothers Records
UPC: 0-9362-46144-2 5
Package: Regular Jewel Case
Matix: #961020XH CDW-46144 L386 MFG BY CINRAM
Catalog Information:
Canada, Warner Brothers, CD46144 USA, Warner Brothers, 46144
Germany, Warner Brothers, 9362-46144-2
Track Listing:
As listed above.
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