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 Release Date 1996
 Artist Undark (Russell Mills /  Miasma)
 Record Label EM:T / Bella Union Records
 Singles With U2 None
 Promotional Releases None
The Edge contributes chase guitar to this album.  It is unknown if he performs on all tracks or not.
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
  • Red Scatter (7:25)
  • Ice in the Sleeve (7:00)
  • Stone's Eggs (14:34)
  • Blood is Climbing (8:54)
  • Rain in Our Room (10:51)
  • How Safe is Deep? (7:38)
  • Underground Kite (8:59)
  • Her 200 Bones (6:53)
Sculpted & produced by russell mills with tom smyth & will joss of miasma. engineered by miasma. recorded and mixed at square center studios, between april & july 1996. russell mills: bowls, bells, blood flow frequencies, field recordings, hippo-copter, palette knives, piano wires, lion & elephant roarers, flotsam & jetsam & the shed method. miasma: anchors, undertows & nifty digits throughout, with thanks to the following for supplying & allowing use of specially created sounds: michael brook: infinate guitar. declan colgan: synthesier programming. hywel davies: ghost cellos. cellists: john kirby, vicky miller, ingrid perrin & julie spencer. recorded at st. anne & st. agnes lutherian church, london by alison craig. the edge: chase guitar. brian eno: select-a-bonk rhythm & sonics. roger eno: cloud drones. robin guthrie: ziggurat rhythm. bill laswell: wolf bass, steam bed & drones. kevin shields: sulphur & zugzwang guitars. david sylvian: lyrics, larynx & lumen.
This album was recorded in 1996 by Russell Mills and two members of Miasma.  Mills and Miasma took sounds contributed by several artists and mixed them together into a rich textured sound.  One of those contributors was The Edge, who played chase guitar for this album.  The sounds recorded are used throughout the album, and the songs are not broken down by artist who contributed where, so it is impossible to say which specific tracks may have a sound sample of Edge mixed in, or if all of them may have some music contributed by the Edge.  You can hear what I think is the Edge, very plainly on the track Stone's Eggs.

The album was initially released on the em:T record label in 1996, under the title Undark 3396, which was a reference to its catalog number.  In 2000 Mills rereleased the album on Bella Union in the UK and Instinct in the USA under its original title Undark One: Strange Familiar.  This rerelease featured very different artwork than the original release.

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 5" CD:
 USA Pressing, 3396
Label: em:T Records
UPC: 5025989963325
Package: Digipack
Matrix: C3806 EMIT 3396 :
Catalog Information:
USA, em:T Records, 3396
Track Listing:
As listed above.
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 USA Pressing, INS526-2
Label: Bella Union Records
UPC: 720841052623
Package: Regular Jewel Case
Matrix: ***1/1DCA6258*
Catalog Information:
UK, Bella Union, BELLACD21 USA, Instinct, INS526-2
Track Listing:
As listed above.
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