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 Release Date 1991
 Artist Various
 Record Label Various (See Below)
 Singles With U2 None
 Promotional Releases None
The Edge performs on the song "April the Third" and Adam Clayton performs on the song "The Bucks of Oranmore"
 TRACKLISTING (Click for Lyrics)
See notes below before purchasing as these sets have varied greatly over the years especially the Hummingbird releases of 1999 / 2000:

Disc 1:

  • April the Third - Donal Lunny (Featuring The Edge)
  • My Love is in America - Dolores Keane with Mick Hanly
  • A Stór Mo Chroi - Rita & Sara Keane 
  • When First Into This Country - The Lee Valley String Band
  • Carolina Star - The Lee Valley String Band
  • Kilkelly - Mick Moloney, Jimmy Keane, Robbie O'Connell
  • Thousands Are Sailing - Phillip Chevron
  • The Bucks Of Oranmore - The Hughes' Band (Featuring Adam Clayton) 
  • Rose Connolly - The Everly Brothers
  • Lakes Of Ponchartrain - Hothouse Flowers
  • Humors Of Galway - De Dannan
  • Sonny - Emmylou Harris, Dolores Keane, Mary Black 
  • Grey Funnel Line - Emmylou Harris, Dolores Keane, Mary Black
  • Nothing But The Same Old Story  - Paul Brady
  • Kevin Griffins - Sharron Shannon, Mary Custy, Eoin O'Neill
  • No Frontiers - Mary Black
  • You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time - Luka Bloom
 Disc 2: 
  • Im Long Me Measaim - Peadar O Riada and Cor Cuil Aodh 
  • Carolan's Farewell To Music - Maire Ni Chathasaigh
  • An T-Aiseiri - Noirin Ni Riain and The Monks of Glenstall Abbey
  • Oilean / Island - Michael O'Suilleabhain
  • Idir Eatarthu / Between Worlds - Michael O'Suilleabhain
  • Mischievous Ghost - Elvis Costello and Mary Coughlan
  • Equinox - Davey Spillane
  • Blue - An Emotional Fish with Maire Ni Bhraonain
  • St. Ann's Reel - Ricky Skaggs, Paddy Glackin, Mark O'Connor
  • The Dimming Of The Day - Richard Thompson with Mary Black and Dolores Keane
  • Cooler at the Edge - Sonny Conde
  • Glen Road To Carrick - Paddy Glackin, Seamus Glackin, Kevin Glackin
  • Don't Let Our Love Die - The Everly Brothers
  • Easter Snow - Catherine Ennis, Liam O'Flynn
  • All Messed Up - Pierce Turner
  • Tunes - Roger Sherlock, Bobby Casey, John Bowe, Tom Nagle, Eilish Byrne, Siobhan O'Donnell
  • Western Highway - Maura O'Connell
  • A Song For The Life - The Waterboys
  • The Parting Glass - The Voice Squad
  • A Stor Mo Chroi - Liam O'Flynn
Alternative Tracks:
  • Shoals of Herring - Clancy Brothers
  • Johnny Don't Go to Ballincollig - John Spillane
  • The Japanese Hornpipe - Cooney and Begley
  • Waltzing's For Dreamers - Richard Thompson
  • Port Na BPucai - Tony McMahon
  • Gone Girl - Cowboy "Jack" Clement
  • Moran's Return - Noilaig Casey / Arty McGlynn
  • All Messed Up - Pierce Turner
  • Operator - De Dannan and Friends
April the Third:  This is a new dance tune written by Donal Lunny. It is the theme music for "Bringing it all Back Home" and mixes the old rhythms of Irish Dance Music with modern rhythmic and percussive elements.  The title comes from the fact that it was written on that date, and recorded in Ringsend Road Studios, Dublin, on Tuesday April 10th, with Donal Lunny on bouzouki and bodhran; Hossaim Ramsey, percussion, Noel Eccles, percussion; Tony Molloy, bass; A. N. O'Ther (The Edge), electric guitar; Anto Drennan, electric guitar; Nollaig Casey, fiddle; Ronan Browne, uiliann pipes; James Delaney, keyboards. 
The Bucks of Oranmore: Traditional arrangement by the Hughes' Band.
In 1991 the BBC produced a TV series which reflected on the journey of Irish traditional music from it's earliest history through to the present day. The music from this show was released as the album, "Bringing it All Back Home".  The album was produced by Donal Lunny.

There are two tracks featuring U2 on this release.  The first is April the Third which features the Edge on electric guitar.  He is credited here as "A.N. O'Ther" or "another" but later credit the Edge in the credits of the album "appearing courtesy of Island Records".

The second track with U2 involvment is "The Bucks of Oranmore" by the Hughes' Band. This band is made up of Alec Finn of De Danann, Adam Clayton of U2, Martin O'Connor, Steve Wickham from the Waterboys and others performing a traditional Irish song.

Be wary when searching for this on CD.  On the individually released CDs from Valley Entertainment / Hummingbird Records, the track featuring the Edge and the track featuring Adam Clayton are on two separate CDs, unlike the original pressing which featured these on the same disc.

  • None
 3 x 12" VINYL:
 UK Pressing, BBC 884
Label: BBC Records
Package: Picture Sleeve
Catalog Information:
UK, BBC, BBC 884
Track Listing:
As listed above without any alternate tracks.
Further Information:
Triple black vinyl in a picture sleeve cover.
Other Images:
 2 x 5" CD:
 UK Pressing, BBCCD884
Label: BBC Records
Package: Double Jewel
Catalog Information:
Europe, Hummingbird Records, HBCD0100 UK, BBC, BBCCD884
Track Listing:
As listed above with no alternate tracks.
Further Information:
Released in a double jewel case.  Not sold as two separate discs. Both U2 tracks are on the first disc in this two CD set.
Other Images:

 France Pressing, KMCD99
Label: Keltia / Hummingbird Records
UPC: 3 353570 009926
Package: Slim Double Jewel
Matrix A: KMCD 99 CD1 MPO 01 @@@ 9
Matrix B: KMCD 99 CD2 MPO 02 222 9
Catalog Information:
France, Keltia / Hummingbird, KMCD99
Track Listing:
As listed above.  No alternate tracks.
Further Information:
Released in a slim double jewel case. Not sold as two separate discs. Both U2 related tracks are on disc one. Release included a small shamrock patch. 1993 re-release.
Other Images:
France CD Two

 UK Pressing, HBCD0026
Label: Hummingbird Records
UPC: None
Package: Slim Double Jewel
Catalog Information:
UK, Hummingbird, HBC0026
Track Listing:
As listed above.  Contains "Gone Girl" and "Moran's Return" from the alternate tracks as bonus material.
Further Information:
Released in a slim double jewel case. Not sold as two separate discs.Both U2 related tracks are on disc one. 2000 remastered re-release.
Other Images:
 3 x 5" CD:
 USA Pressing, VE15011 (CD1)
Label: Valley / Hummingbird Records
UPC: 6 18321 50112 2
Package: Regular Jewel
 USA Pressing, VE15012 (CD2)
Label: Valley / Hummingbird Records
Package: Regular Jewel
 USA Pressing, VE15013 (CD1)
Label: Valley / Hummingbird Records
Package: Regular Jewel
Catalog Information:
Disc 1: USA, Valley / Hummingbird, VE15011 Disc 3: USA, Valley / Hummingbird, VE15013
Disc 2: USA, Valley / Hummingbird, VE15012
Track Listing:
Tracklisting is rearranged to include all of the alternate tracks.  April the Third with the Edge is on disc one.  The Bucks of Oranmore with Adam Clayton is on disc two.
Further Information:
Released in a three separate regular jewel cases. Each disc is sold separately this has not been released as a set.  CD one and two released in 1999, CD three released in 2000.  It is usually cheaper to track down one of the two CD sets if all you are looking for is the U2 related recordings.
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